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  1. saw a load last night, but tonight is misty
  2. I've seen Gong and Motorhead last month both of which was excellent here are some photo's I took wiv me fone
  3. nice job brspled & glicine more tomorrow if anyone is interested
  4. Wow, right erm well done all, sorry about the deliberate mistakes! best do some more eh! Men met roses eating hash Have wet loo lol Emo in Brighton One shag say I love u Hey moist worm mane Roasting gin mm
  5. My vote goes to 'I'm gonna crawl' fukkin love that song, hmmm I may have to whack it on to remind me how good it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgWeDk7QWKw&feature=player_embedded#
  6. Yeah, just whack yer answers down here, and there is a prize for the one with most right (then i'll do some more) The prize will be a personalised video just for you with a track of your choice as background muzik
  7. Thanx for your comments

  8. Ha Live footage!!!!! There aint any, if you want some cool video, you will have to go here! http://hrcandy.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=lzvideo
  9. Thank you Planetpage & Ledzepgirl Thanx for watchin'
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