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  1. As much as I like Led Zeppelin I would have to disagree with the statement that led zeppelin was the first metal band. Black Sabbath was the first metal band.
  2. I would probably have to say that the one from the destroyer bootleg is the best.
  3. Sounds like it will be a good show. Always enjoyed both of those bands very much.
  4. I am looking for footage of Led Zeppelin in Australia in 1972. I have seen some videos of the show on youtube. I am not sure on the exact date. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Great video. I' ve always enjoyed jasons drumming
  6. That would be nice to see if and when they release it.
  7. Sadly, this will most likely never happen. But at least we still have there great music.
  8. What was the date of the show where Led Zeppelin was billed as the Nobs. Thanks
  9. It's kind of hard to choose from the 3. But if i had to choose one I would have to choose the who as they were a great live act. I think the who were good up until the point when keith moon died.
  10. Rolling Stone was and still is one of the worst magazines. There reviews are crap. And the reviewer of the first album is a dick.
  11. What is a good way to maintain a 32nd note on the drum set. On one drum. Thanks is advance
  12. My favorite would have to be In my time of dying.
  13. I was wondering if anyone konows of or has video footage of any of Led Zeppelins studio sessions. I have never seen any on youtube or elsewhere, so im doubtful on this.
  14. Most people think its a filler track. I think its one of the best tracks on the album. How many drummers before bonham could have thought to use 4 sticks on a track.
  15. Thanks for the copliment. Nice to hear from a fellow drummer.
  16. Does anyone know if led zeppelin performed the song Candy Store Rock. And if so, is there a video on youtube or audio somewhere.
  17. That was quite a wierd album. Houses of the holy that is. The rest of the songs do seem to be very diffrent from the ones that you listed.
  18. I think I would have to say that the wierdest Led Zeppelin song I have ever come across has got to be The Crunge. Along with when the leeve breaks.
  19. John Bonham: The Legend When I hear the name John Bonham, I think of a drum legend. He was the first drummer I saw playing that really made me want to start playing drums, and so I did, I would like to thank you for that John. John was most known as the drummer of the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin, his open drum sound, and more importantly his influence on drummers. He sadly died in 1980, which caused Led Zeppelin to disband, and I respect them for that choice. I am also not afraid to admit that I actually cried when I first learned of John’s death. I had been a huge Led Zeppelin fan be
  20. Well, considering that Kashmir is one of my favorite sounding guitar parts/riffs that Jimmy ever made/produced. It has a very intresting sound to it, it sticks out most to me.
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