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    Perth, Australia
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    Listening to rock n roll from 60's and 70's, that means Led Zeppelin if you cant figure that out (shame on you!)
    Also playing guitar, the stage antics of Pete Townshend and Angus Young.
  1. This is a cover version, but I can't help but post this here. This is a topic for versions of Stairway after all. Just so happens that this version isn't by Led Zeppelin.
  2. Sympathy for the Devil. Whenever I get that one in my head it's there for a week at least.
  3. Well then you know he's a fake and there should be nothing to worry about!
  4. Hi, is the Sympathy for the Devil refence intentional or somehow purely coincidence?
  5. Yeah I watched a documentary on rock n roll and when it came to the part on metal the main theme was that metal will never die. There is some metal stuff that I enjoy, don't get me wrong. But I feel most of the stuff is all the same in that same style of playing and that if we dwell too long on it we aren't going to see anything new.
  6. Exactly. Lets just let time take its course with music and see where it takes us to. If it takes us to something good, then lets welcome it. If it doesn't, well, we could always go and destroy all possible means of this future music from ever being released. I just hope that if something new happens with music, it will have something to do with guitars and will take us far away from a metal sound.
  7. I don't care how much of a series the pics are. Not only are they demotivational, but they should also be illegal!
  8. I think I remember seeing the brand of mic's Roger uses on The Who's site sometime last year. I think he's been using the same brand for over 40 years now.
  9. I once had a really weird dream where I chased Jimmy Page all over the world just to get him to teach me how to play Celebration Day.
  10. I'm pretty sure everyone in this forum will be jealous once they read it.
  11. Same. I saw them about a year ago and they were great.
  12. Why the hell isn't Animal from muppets on there! They're reasons for not including him are pathetic!
  13. They go under the genre of "Power Metal", which to me basically just means: "metal I enjoy". They made it big after "Through the Fire and the Flames" went on GH3.
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