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  1. yeah, she remembers now...Thanks for the movie....it was good. jd was awesome as the hat.....what? did i just say that?

  2. All Biologists say evolution is true? Excuse me sir or madam but I went through allot of work to get an Ivy Leage degree in Biology. I have had the concept stuffed down my throat for over 10 years and I can very well make my claim that evolution is a hoax. I am also not the only person with a Masters in Biology that distrusts the THEORY.
  3. I have friends who think all music like this sucks because there are too many instruments and not enough lyrics. I wish people understood that there were always 4 people singing on stage at zeppelin concerts. One used his mouth, one used his bass, one used his drums and one sued his guitar.
  4. Other and that is for god to destroy the genre of death metal and any other genres that may have branched from it. actually i feel dirty even calling it a genre.
  5. My respect for your opinion went down the gutter when you placed Korn as beter than Zeppelin. Tally ho! Let us all gather round and listen to someone scream about their abused child hood while the registered sex offender guiatrist place a couple of scales? Korn seriously? They have no soul to their music sir. They arent necessarly even that talented. I mean do they even write their own stuff or are they just another band made famous by their parasitic relationship with MTV. Omg I think I need to vomit.
  6. Yes. If they will teach evolution which is a non proven theory than they should also teach the non proven theory which is creationism. The problem with evolution is that everything in the world is too complex to have evolved a step at a time. Take for example blood clotting. 16 different steps must happen to ensure blood clots. If one step is skipped blood wont clot and you will most certainly die from the smallest cut. If evolution was true than no multicelllular blood carrying organzism would have lived past a few months because evolution does not allow for such a rapid change like
  7. Im Christian-Jehovah's Witnesses
  8. hey im from south okc. didnt think id meet someone from ok here

  9. Im from South OKC. Awesome didnt think id meet someone from OK here lol

  10. Hi. I am from Oklahoma too. What part are you from?

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bkjv9SscotY He says tizzy 5:06
  12. Yes Any other option and the tree gnomes will atack you in ur sleep.
  13. Led Zeppelin I Its a freaking burning Zepplin. Whats not to love?
  14. Babe Im Gonna Leave You The emotion and soul pours out of that song.
  15. Lemon Song. I love when the music stops and its just bass and Plant rolling out the Blues
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