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  1. Happy Birthday Sweetie. Love ya, Mom

  2. Happy B-day!

  3. Short track is SO unpredictable and the standings can change so rapidly. I mean, look at Apolo's first heat! He was in last place until the last few laps! He made a move and suddenly, not only was he in first place, but he was way out ahead of everyone else! That's why it's such an exciting sport. Long track and other sports (i.e. luge, skeleton, etc.), you're basically competing against a clock. Figure skating and such you have to wait until EVERYONE is done just to see if your scores from some snobby judges are still high enough to medal. Short track is up front, in your face, and makes no apologies. First one to cross the line in this frantic race wins! The 1500m is actually Apolo's weakest event. Wait until the 500m! No sitting at the back of the pack waiting to make move. Not enough time. It's an all out scramble for first...... and it's historically Apolo's BEST event! Just you wait!
  4. Apolo Anton Ohno! So much win! Yeay!!!!!!
  5. Very sad indeed. So incredibly unfortunate it had to happen so close to the potential fulfillment of his Olympic dream. Saw the video of the crash on the news. Horrific. Really horrific. I started crying, in fact. Will probably be avoiding any replays of that during future news reports. I hope he rests in peace.
  6. The first time I was ever exposed to Apolo was during the 2002 games. I very vividly recall jumping up and down on our couch (Mom and Dad weren't home..... shhh....) as Apolo came around the final turn and then got taken out. My heart sank. He punctured his inner thigh with the back of his skate blade when he hit the wall. Still came back to win a gold in the 1500m though.
  7. The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics are starting tomorrow night on NBC! Anyone watching and/or cheering for a specific athlete? I am cheering for short track speedskater Apolo Ohno!
  8. You are right! I didn't realize my photo had gone up. I was in another forum that is connected to a universal avatar site. Any forum you register at with the same e-mail address gains access to that avatar, so I guess it went up here too without me even knowing. But, yes, that's mother and I'm very lucky to look like her.
  9. Currently, my favorite bands are The Used, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Dredg. Honorable mentions go to Taking Back Sunday, Maroon 5, Franz Ferdinand, and early My Chemical Romance. I'm a music buff, but my real passion is in movies as I did theatre for many years and then went on to manage a Hollywood Video for 6 years. I am now looking to employ my newly obtained degree in communication in conjunction with my movie knowledge and hopefully land a position with a movie studio. Would really love to work for Paramount Pictures, who are slated to back two more Star Treks! Big Trekkie! Can anyone figure out who my mother is?
  10. hollyamos22


    Hi to all Led Zeppelin fans. I like LZ but they are not my favorite band. I do like the song Kashmir though. My mom is a LZ nut and always finds ways to inject LZ into conversations. So I am here to find out about them and see if my mom can convert me.
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