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  1. I have the DVD but watched it on VH1Classics last night.I never get tired of that vid.
  2. yeah very much in style vocals and guitar. also the stones what blows me away is that this is going back to the 1930's
  3. this is an "iffa" but i think Daughtry or Coldplay are both a good match. Just about 3 songs only tho
  4. ?...no disappointment here, hadn't even heard about the "Canada dates" until ths remour is "quashed}. No Led Zeppelin dates planned, says promoter 28/05/2008 - 10:25:12 AM Led Zeppelin's tour promoter has quashed fans' hopes of a comeback tour this summer, insisting new internet reports of a series of live dates in Canada are just false "rumours". Earlier this month, a news blog on Canadian music TV channel's Much Music website reported that the legendary rockers were due to play four shows at the Skydome/Rogers Centre stadium in Toronto this August. Led Zeppelin founders Robert
  5. http://www.nme.com/news/various-artists/34616 hey anything to tie us over to a tour tho later this year. [i got a kick out of the comment by Danny 023 hehehe ]
  6. ditto your and tedvance posts! presale privilege I'm saving for this one hopefully to make a couple concerts stateside. that's exciting that you are planning a trip to England. very cool
  7. this is what this thread has become. laugh laugh a laugh my personal opinion (I'm not media) is they will tour people can post articles they see, hopes they may have, or true INSIDER info as some of you seem to have. Jason Bonham didn't even know about this board when asked if he knew he had been a topic of dicussion. freedom of thought and freedom of speech. now how many times do i have to say there will most likely be a tour in my personal opinion and I'm in titled to it without let's see...the pessimists can at the "unrealistlist" hopefuls. I'm just demonstrating what a
  8. From Ireland Online Jan. 30, 2008 "Plant hints at full Led Zeppelin tour 28/01/2008 - 2:14:48 PM Robert Plant has further fuelled speculation Led Zeppelin will launch a full reunion tour this year - by replying "you never know" when asked if the road show is going ahead." this isn't a definite no. from him it's on the positive side.
  9. i agree no opening band would be great. but if absolutely necessary a short set of Velvet Revolver like 3 songs (NightFlight mentione VR early in this tread). Or just video clips from past concerts in the 70's while everyone gets their seats and then it goes dark (of course a long pause) and THEN there they are! blasting into: Its been a long time since I rock and rolled, Its been a long time since I did the stroll. Ooh, let me get it back, let me get it back, Let me get it back, baby, where I come from. Its been a long time, been a long time, Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely,
  10. Things are looking towards "yes". Yeh! Most of the articles coming out say wait until the Fall. With these positive sounding hints from band members (horses mouth).............. Wait till Fall : if we can wait 30 years .... FALL HEY, NO PROBLEM!!! can do!!! just start saving some extra $$$ now for airfares, hotels, ground transportation and of course the tickets...so as to attend more than one concert. i'd be happy to just get to one of course. I had mentioned in an earlier post i thought they'd do a tour in the Fall into '09. Just hope it all sticks together.
  11. very sad. still can't believe this happened. he'll be missed. i admired his wide range of roles in such a short period of time. he worked very hard. i could never get over how he switched accents so well. i know that's part of being an actor but he was special in that area. he had so much more to contribute. yes, one more gone way too soon. God speed to Heath and god bless Matilda.
  12. i know this is more towards rumor, and a huge mistake saying John Bonham instead of Jason Bonham (which had to be a slip up being the guy is a heavy metal journalist...also....he's into "it's all about the money" thing which may be a motivator for many but not for LZ boys. his probably wishfully thinking like many of us. Prediction: the Led Zeppelin tour will happen, and it will happen in 2008. January 14, 2008 Nevermind the rumour mill with all its uncertainties. Pay no attention to Robert Plant’s tour with Alison Kraus and don’t worry that John Bonham told a reporter “not to get g
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