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    Art, Music, Ideas, Charlie Chaplin, Travel , you know the usual. Being correct all the time. Picking winners and amazing brilliant people because I know things. And of course a fascination with Charles II.
  1. The last question is the important question. Everything else was a joke. Although it would be interesting to know what Escher he bought.
  2. If you ever want anything done right.. A. Do it yourself B. Get a Capricorn to do it. C. Make sure John Paul Jones is in your band Love to John on your birthday. Still sexy and hot and smart and sexy. Capricorn really is the be best sign because we don't believe in astrology In the first place it's based on the Earth being the center of the Universe and not the sun. Secondly whenever someone offered to do my chart they want to know, what day I was born, what time I was born,
  3. I guess I would ask him what M. C. Escher did he buy. Or what is his favorite airport. Maybe I would ask if his children's music annoys him or not. Or does his wife make Latin cuisine. Maybe I would ask if he likes Monarch of the Glen, the T.V. show. Or what does he think of T. V. commercials that are louder than the programs they are interrupting. Or I would ask him why doesn't he do an instrumental guitar album. I think people would go mad for it. I would buy it.
  4. I did see ugly comments on this topic. They are here under the Haiti earthquake issue. I did not say no Haiti no blues. I said no blues AS WE KNOW IT. If you understood what I wrote I was expressing that FURTHER ON IN TIME, further on meaning a significant period of time having been elapsed for example months or 11 months or this time next year that sort of thing when the cameras eyes are somewhere else that's when the cache of Led Zeppelin will be of the best use. And yes Haiti needs our help in any way now and for years. Has anyone here besides me even brought up the subject of artificial pr
  5. thank you all for the information. I did find a B&B that was very close to the house but closer to the loch so maybe that's a choice. Thanks for the weather information as well. I would be enough for me just to be in the same area just to see the country there. Thank you also for the Monarch of the Glen information too. I hated that last season.
  6. I was wondering if some of you knowledgeable people can help me. I am planning a trip to Scotland this summer. We are going primarily to Edinburgh but I would like to take a side trip to a few other places. One of my favorite shows right now is Monarch of the Glen. I would love to see that house even if it would only be from the road and have lunch at that little town that poses for the village. That's not the problem. I went to Google maps and entered in Led Zeppelin landmarks and clicked on Boleskine House. A brief description came up. It said that in 1990 it was bought by the MacGillivray c
  7. As I watched the earthquake footage almost exclusively the past several days I've pondered this situation. No Haiti no American blues as we know it and therefore no Led Zeppelin as we know it. Which is why I find it very odd some of the ugly comments I've seen here, just some comments mind you. I don't understand. Anyway I do believe all of the guys feel a need to do something that could help. To be a part of an event if they were asked I would never believe they would say no. They might want to do it in secret so as to not draw attention to themselves. Or they might all participate as themsel
  8. Dear Jimmy, A birthday gift for you. When I was in high school I was for the most part in either a body brace or a full body cast, plaster 1&1/2" thick from the chin all the way down. Needless to say I was in constant pain for years. The worst time was when I was in the cast. I could not sit I had to stand or lay down, unless it was to you know. Constant pain and torture. I could not go to school, I lived in Arizona so I stayed indoors. Plaster body casts and 120 degrees do not go together. My only solace was books, movies and music they were my only escape. Anyway right about th
  9. Everybody knew the second it happened there would be an enormous demand for the DVD of that concert. No matter what it sounded like. I would go see it at a theater even. I would imagine that the reason it's not out yet is because it wasn't a Led Zeppelin concert. There were other bands. I agree with whoever brought up that fact earlier. It was an Atlantic event. Personally I would buy a bigger DVD set with all the bands that were there. If it were put out I think it would be a question of how the money would be split up. They all deserve their share. Then that's a whole new kettle of fish. Nob
  10. Steve I tried to leave you a thank you on your channel but I don't know if I did it right. So I'm doing it now here like this. So thank you for the information. Now I know I don't need to bother with another boxed set. I like all the songs in order of appearance. As for the sheet music, I have an official Led Zeppelin l guitar book. Somewhere in one of the songs it indicates to go to the 24th. fret. So you never know where you'll find a mistake. It all depends on who is transcribing it and for what audience. Classical or blues. Anyway thanks again.
  11. Nellgwen

    Thank you for clarifying the box set issue. As for the sheet music issue, i have the entire official Led Zeppelin 1 sheet music book and on one of the songs in the tablature it indicates to go to the 24th. fret so you never can tell. Official or not you can always find mistakes. Anyway thank you. Now I know I don't need to aquire another boxed set.

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