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  1. The last question is the important question. Everything else was a joke. Although it would be interesting to know what Escher he bought.
  2. I guess I would ask him what M. C. Escher did he buy. Or what is his favorite airport. Maybe I would ask if his children's music annoys him or not. Or does his wife make Latin cuisine. Maybe I would ask if he likes Monarch of the Glen, the T.V. show. Or what does he think of T. V. commercials that are louder than the programs they are interrupting. Or I would ask him why doesn't he do an instrumental guitar album. I think people would go mad for it. I would buy it.
  3. Nellgwen

    Thank you for clarifying the box set issue. As for the sheet music issue, i have the entire official Led Zeppelin 1 sheet music book and on one of the songs in the tablature it indicates to go to the 24th. fret so you never can tell. Official or not you can always find mistakes. Anyway thank you. Now I know I don't need to aquire another boxed set.

  4. Bill Mahr said Obama is the president after Bush which is like being the maid who has to clean the room after Led Zeppelin has been there a week.
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