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  1. isnt the rest in E though? so shouldnt it coincide with jimmy? not like doubting you or nething im just wondering
  2. Discipulus

    TSRTS Song book?

    Anybody know if theres a song book for TSRTS concert? seems that there would be but ive never seen one..
  3. Discipulus

    Music Theory-Scales

    Hey guys im a total beginner esp as far as music theory goes, so I'd like to concentrate alot on learning scales so that i can learn to improvise more. And i was wondering how it is that the different scales are constructed? I know that you start with a root note and add notes to it but which notes do you add? Thanks guys much appreciated!
  4. Discipulus

    Bring it on home chords?

    haha thanks guys i appreciate it. I tried to get it close just a few minutes ago and it seems to me that the intro is at about 120 but once he goes into the meat of the song so to speak it gets slower to around 100. does this seem right to you guys? im not very experienced at all with rhythm also though, sry i hate to bug u guys with this, but do you guys know anything about the little guitar vs harmonica duel they do in live versions? I imagine it would start in key of E down at the 12th fret but again i dont know much and i cant find nething on the live versions really. Thanks guys!
  5. Discipulus

    Since Ive been loving you Royal albert hall video?

    it should be i apologize was a mistake but i dont know how to move them... anybody?
  6. hey guys ive been watching all the videos from the royal albert hall concert and ive seen on the setlist that sibly was played there, but thats the only one i cant find.. Do any of you have a link to it? much appreciated!
  7. Discipulus


    hi guys i was wondering.... uhh what exactly IS intonation? i know about action but not quite sure what intonation is. anybody? thanks
  8. Discipulus

    3/1,Jonesy's birhday!

    well said!
  9. How long have you been playing guitar?

  10. Discipulus

    Bring it on home chords?

    thanks guys mus appreciated i dont spose ne of u know the tempo tho? i spose i can just figure taht one out on my own haha thanks
  11. Discipulus

    Bring it on home chords?

    hi guys i was wondering if any of you know the chords that jimmy plays for the live version of bring it on home specifically at royal albert hall, and the intro. Ive figured out the low and high parts of the main riff but i cant figure out those chords =/ much appreciated thanks PS also if anyone knows what the tempo's are for it that would also be a big help thanks
  12. Discipulus

    Happy Birthday John Paul Jones

    happy birthday actually its my birthday too =)
  13. Discipulus

    Stairway live Hybrid picking?

    sweet thanks guys
  14. Hi guys im learning stairway live and ive gotten to the third verse where he starts doing the arpegiated chords much quicker than before, at about 3:48 of this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kNEo8OxrT8 and i was wondering if he was just skipping strings and picking it all with his pick or using both a pick and his fingers, Thanks guys much appreciated