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  1. There is audio from the RAH soundcheck..... Its on Coda and its called Were Gonna Groove..... Recorded at RAH soundcheck Jan 9th 70
  2. Anyone that belives in someone upstairs .... God , Allah , Jesus, etc etc is a Mental case...... Get a fooking grip...... Enjoy the world as it is.....
  3. I use a Marshall 2061x head on full blast....... Overdrive pedals arent for me or covering Zep. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGGbreBnmNo
  4. Any theremin will give you sound you want, I got a £40 of ebay and sounds perfect for Zep.... Big hint tho TUBE AMP Makes all the difference.
  5. That very scalf was on ebay a while back, The seller was the holder in the dvd's brother, There was a photo of her with it to prove its was the one off the dvd....
  6. Its a wonderful solo that really captures the moment, The tone is amazing too.
  7. Thanks for your comments.... More comments please ! !
  8. Hi,If you could spare 10 mins, Im looking for some feedback please !!! Dazed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QN3HOfGdlQ4 Immigrant Heartbreaker http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGGbreBnmNo Thanks
  9. Gibson Lp Standard, SG Special Custom paint, Eds 1275 And a Jodie...
  10. Hi, Its prob quite a unknown Allman Bros tune, But check out 'Low Down Dirty and Mean' from seven turns album. A great great easy to play tune.. Great Betts lead work on this one ! Have a listen.
  11. Hi, I once used to own a RM Page 1 fuzz pedal, I stupidy ebayed it a while back and now they dont make them anymore. If anybody has one they would like to sell me then please let me know ! Thanks Ben
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