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  1. Gracias Walter!!

  2. welcome!!bienvenido!! =)

  3. Hola Zepphead, gracias for agregarme has your friend, see u around!!=)

  4. Hola Luciano! si increible no?pero yo se q hay mas fans por ahi jaja

  5. Graciasss!!! thank you very much! very kind of you all

  6. LZ I y LZ III, very originals
  7. I have Bonzo..luuuvvvv mi desktop
  8. "Indeed, by 1973, on stage Page was a marvel to behold, whipping himself into rock-star poses as he improvised virtuoso solos with tireless, sweat-pouring intensity, even employing a violin bow drawn over his Gibson Les Paul guitar strings to create eerie, ear-bleeding effects. His costumes became more flamboyant, embroidered with glittery moon and stars, poppies and dragons. Today, they are very much part of rock iconography — I wonder if he still has the famous suits. “Yes I do. Oh, yeah! Carefully stored. The only thing is I’ll never get in ’em again! I think the waist on them is 26in. Absolutely ridiculous!” I think that this is the article http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/music/article6979627.ece
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