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  1. Quite honestly, I don't see how he can, he doesn't have EXCLUSIVE rights to the word RAINBOW or to the colour PURPLE! But if they use any of the Music he has co-written, he can sue them......for 'Royalties' or they will owe him money for using his Music....... sooner or later they will have to pay it.
  2. I like any of Ritchie's music really, but I'm dissapointed that Ritchie and his Ladyfriend have decided to proclaim me dead! (Ghost of a Rose,) OK so Candice is a Blackman! I look a bit like the figure seated oposite Candice Knight on this album cover of 'Shadow of the Moon'........ I did meet Ritchie when I was a 'Maiden', (@13,) .......then I was in a band but didn't really like the spotlights or the media attention..... You might find me at a campfire live acoustic jam though...... < this should help to identify me >
  3. The HEADING of the TOPIC is about 'KINGDOM COME', which was Arthur Brown's Band in the '70's. It is NOT all about YOU or your answer!!!!
  4. Which Band? The ORIGINAL 'Kingdom Come' or the COPYISTS!!!!????
  5. This is the ORIGINAL 'Kingdom Come' with someone I used to call 'friend', Arthur Brown. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=wee_QhqvT6A
  6. Gary has always been good at pulling faces, ( gurning,) It's good to see he is still playing, but being part Northern Irish, I suppose I'm 'biased'. I never got the chance to meet him, say hello from me if you get the chance, tell him, 'the bird in the photo of the band 'The Boys', that I gave Phil when he played Bath Uni with 'Grand Slam' they will have seen the picture that Phil wanted of me in the band 'The Boys'. I would never see him (Phil, ) alive again
  7. OK, show me ONE picture of Jimmy looking 'Masculine'. Oh God No, maybe I'm GAY
  8. He is very 'diminutive' and 'girly', maybe we're all pervs?
  9. Hi 'Evester', would you believe I have only three fingers left hand, my ring finger was severed when someone slammed a door on it!!!! I can still play, I've learned to play with three, I use the pick more, treble speed sometimes and also do 'pull-off's' (a guitar technique,) which I learned from Ritchie Blackmore, who I also met as a teen..... It makes the lead guitar sound pretty fast, but it's just a technique.
  10. Hiya 'Uncle Bill', just called to say....those little darlings have popped and are doing well.....

  11. One of the Great Singers of our time, I really like some of her music....
  12. Yes but Phil was a genuinely nice guy, always warm and welcoming, nearly always cool, this is why he had so many friends, the booze and drugs are why he lost so many and his life! 'an 'Bomber', thanks for the 'hug', it means so much........
  13. Did you know he was very much into 'live' stuff as well, particularly with 'Travellers' and 'Gypsies', he wanted to 'promote' and 'bring back' lots of the old Traveller music, sadly, he didn't get his wish and Tavellers are still persecuted and 'moved on' in Ireland. Things aren't much better in England and genuine Musicians get shut out because they are 'Travellers' and not into Music for the money or for fame, so 'bad' for 'business' I have one of his last interviews somewhere where he talks on that subject, I'll try to find it if anyone is interested in seeing/hearing it.
  14. 'The Mighty Boosh'............ repeats, some of the issues I missed.
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