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  1. Boney Bradley doesn't look too happy here does he?
  2. Quite honestly, I don't see how he can, he doesn't have EXCLUSIVE rights to the word RAINBOW or to the colour PURPLE! But if they use any of the Music he has co-written, he can sue them......for 'Royalties' or they will owe him money for using his Music....... sooner or later they will have to pay it.
  3. Flipping heck Evester, you don't do things by halves do you? I've only got two guitars! and a Mandolin, and two Irish drums.........
  4. I like any of Ritchie's music really, but I'm dissapointed that Ritchie and his Ladyfriend have decided to proclaim me dead! (Ghost of a Rose,) OK so Candice is a Blackman! I look a bit like the figure seated oposite Candice Knight on this album cover of 'Shadow of the Moon'........ I did meet Ritchie when I was a 'Maiden', (@13,) .......then I was in a band but didn't really like the spotlights or the media attention..... You might find me at a campfire live acoustic jam though...... < this should help to identify me >
  5. *Bump* Wow that was some trip, I had to return home early because of the weather. I've been away again, went to London and to Kent again, then to Sussex, looking for a really nice spot I found last year, found it again, on the border. Plus I found another really great camping spot, quite close to it, up in the hills. Hello to all you new folks, I see there's been quite a few since I posted last. I hope to get to talk to you sometime on the forum, why not stop and post a hello?
  6. The HEADING of the TOPIC is about 'KINGDOM COME', which was Arthur Brown's Band in the '70's. It is NOT all about YOU or your answer!!!!
  7. Which Band? The ORIGINAL 'Kingdom Come' or the COPYISTS!!!!????
  8. Well you need a fairly stiff plec, I use whatever I can get my hands on at the time, but thins, which are fine for lead guitar, are useless for mandolin as they break too easy, as the strings are shorter therefore tighter. Just get used to the different tuning, it won't take long, just don't play the guitar for a while, untill you're used to the different tuning. If your Mandolin IS in tune, you can give it to an idiot to play, it'll sound OK! If NOT, stick yer fingers in yer ears!
  9. Hiya, I'm fine, been out and about, but didn't get the time to visit your friends in Southend, although I still have the address somewhere, mybe next time I'm in London or Kent.
  10. This is the ORIGINAL 'Kingdom Come' with someone I used to call 'friend', Arthur Brown. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=wee_QhqvT6A
  11. I wanted to show a picture, (very recent,) of Weston Pier going up in smoke, but I'm sure Ritchie probably wouldn't approve.
  12. What a STUPID thing to do with good weed, it's like tipping a bottle of Champagne down the drain! (my favorite drink. ) Hi Uncle Bill, I only have three plants left out of ten seeds and only one of them is doing well. (possibly my fault and those bastard snails and slugs, that really love my weed!)
  13. Hello Steve, or 'azzer' as you want to be known, I don't know Stoke very well, but pass by sometimes on the way north, to Wales or sometimes Yorkshire. I live in the West, not very far from 'Brissle', (Bristol.) I've been travelling, so I've not signed into the forum for ages.
  14. Hiya Uncle Bill, I popped those beauties in and up they came but something in my greenhouse is EATING them!!!!
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