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  1. Quite honestly, I don't see how he can, he doesn't have EXCLUSIVE rights to the word RAINBOW or to the colour PURPLE! But if they use any of the Music he has co-written, he can sue them......for 'Royalties' or they will owe him money for using his Music....... sooner or later they will have to pay it.
  2. I like any of Ritchie's music really, but I'm dissapointed that Ritchie and his Ladyfriend have decided to proclaim me dead! (Ghost of a Rose,) OK so Candice is a Blackman! I look a bit like the figure seated oposite Candice Knight on this album cover of 'Shadow of the Moon'........ I did meet Ritchie when I was a 'Maiden', (@13,) .......then I was in a band but didn't really like the spotlights or the media attention..... You might find me at a campfire live acoustic jam though...... < this should help to identify me >
  3. The HEADING of the TOPIC is about 'KINGDOM COME', which was Arthur Brown's Band in the '70's. It is NOT all about YOU or your answer!!!!
  4. Which Band? The ORIGINAL 'Kingdom Come' or the COPYISTS!!!!????
  5. This is the ORIGINAL 'Kingdom Come' with someone I used to call 'friend', Arthur Brown. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=wee_QhqvT6A
  6. Gary has always been good at pulling faces, ( gurning,) It's good to see he is still playing, but being part Northern Irish, I suppose I'm 'biased'. I never got the chance to meet him, say hello from me if you get the chance, tell him, 'the bird in the photo of the band 'The Boys', that I gave Phil when he played Bath Uni with 'Grand Slam' they will have seen the picture that Phil wanted of me in the band 'The Boys'. I would never see him (Phil, ) alive again
  7. OK, show me ONE picture of Jimmy looking 'Masculine'. Oh God No, maybe I'm GAY
  8. He is very 'diminutive' and 'girly', maybe we're all pervs?
  9. Hi 'Evester', would you believe I have only three fingers left hand, my ring finger was severed when someone slammed a door on it!!!! I can still play, I've learned to play with three, I use the pick more, treble speed sometimes and also do 'pull-off's' (a guitar technique,) which I learned from Ritchie Blackmore, who I also met as a teen..... It makes the lead guitar sound pretty fast, but it's just a technique.
  10. Hiya 'Uncle Bill', just called to say....those little darlings have popped and are doing well.....

  11. One of the Great Singers of our time, I really like some of her music....
  12. Yes but Phil was a genuinely nice guy, always warm and welcoming, nearly always cool, this is why he had so many friends, the booze and drugs are why he lost so many and his life! 'an 'Bomber', thanks for the 'hug', it means so much........
  13. Did you know he was very much into 'live' stuff as well, particularly with 'Travellers' and 'Gypsies', he wanted to 'promote' and 'bring back' lots of the old Traveller music, sadly, he didn't get his wish and Tavellers are still persecuted and 'moved on' in Ireland. Things aren't much better in England and genuine Musicians get shut out because they are 'Travellers' and not into Music for the money or for fame, so 'bad' for 'business' I have one of his last interviews somewhere where he talks on that subject, I'll try to find it if anyone is interested in seeing/hearing it.
  14. 'The Mighty Boosh'............ repeats, some of the issues I missed.
  15. Since Phil died, there have been a long line, almost an ARMY of people who have called me all the bad names under the Sun, I know Phil did NOT leave me without any credit on purpose, no-one thought he would die, even though a lot of people knew he was ill. Those ignorant slanderers do NOT know the truth, that there was a really good reason for Phil not mentioning me on the 'credits', I was still Married to a Southern Irishman back then, but 'separated', we didn't want any more 'trouble', for Ireland, so my existence was not publicly acknowledged! (except in the Music, where my 'real' name is mentioned quite a few times, including the place I used to live, after the Divorce!) The people who still sell his 'merchandise' do not give me even the time of day, they are money grabbing sharks, who care nothing for the truth. The 'web' site, collects 'donations' of which I get not one penny! The 'fraud', begins with black plastic, which is then turned into a black marble slab, similar to the one seen on the moon in the film '2001'. It was NOT Phil's intention to defraud me, but some of his so called 'friends' have done that, that wasn't his fault and he has no way of stopping them or setting things right.......... Put it down to 'greed' and the 'need' of some to be 'famous', I have never wanted that! Some will do anything for fame or money, lie cheat and steal, the only thing I can do, is protest and pray that one day they will see the light and the harm they are doing with fraud and plagiarism, which is spoken of in the 'Scriptures'............. From 'Peter 2-2' and other parts of the 'Holy Scriptures'. 'and many follow pernicious ways, by reason of whom, the ways of truth are 'evil' spoken of, and do they, through the ways of covetousness, with feigned words, make 'merchandise', whose 'judgements' of a long time lingereth not and whose 'damnation', slumbereth not......... ........... for whom the mists of darkness are for eternity......... ..........and promising themselves eternal life and love and liberty, they are in the bonds of iniquity and the works of darkness and delusion......... as Phil's 'Rock Queen' I am the 'Queen without a King', sad but true......... Sela.
  16. I will accept your apology, you would not understand what it's like to be plagiarised, defrauded and shut out by people who sell your music or make fraudulent claims involving you, (I.M.- S.S.O.A.S.S.) I can't help with any 'History', back before I met Phil, back in the early '70's, he was with Brian Downey and Scott Goreham, who I have only talked to a couple of times, they didn't see as much of me as Phil did and they don't know me or care about me. I know Phil would NOT have shut me out like some of his 'friends' have, the last time I saw Phil, he had fallen out with a lot of them and was in a Band called 'Grand Slam', at Bath Uni, I gave him a photo of me in my Band, 'The Boys', that he had asked for, the rest of the Band will have seen it I guess, you'd have to ask them. Unfortunately I was with friends at the time and couldn't stick around after the Gig, I didn't know I would never see him alive again, I didn't know how ill he was. Then, not long after that, he made 'Out in the Fields' with Gary, who, sadly, I have never met.
  17. Yes let's talk about 'Lizzy' as a 'Band'..... they worked with quite a few musicians who don't get mentioned on the sleeves, including quite q few 'Gypsies and Travellers, including myself, (I Sing, play Mandolin, Guitar and Irish Drums.) Believe or or not, not everyone wants their name in lights or be the center of attention. (My Music is strictly 'LIVE', I only ever play at 'Gatherings' and 'Live Acoustic Sessions', usually camp fire stuff.)
  18. You are one nasty rotten abuser, you think you know it all and abuse people who do know.

    Your own nasty curse be upon your own head, put on your 'Lizzy' songs and curse at them instead, same thing!!!!!

  19. You are one bad mouthed Mother ******!!!! The words of the Song are 'My 'Teen Dream', my 'Rock Queen', my 'Rosaleen', my 'Frauline', my 'Roisin Dubh', my one and only true love. You are just the same as all the other ignorant morons that bad mouth me, that know nothing of the truth. I have NOT told you that you shouldn't like the music, Phil DOES sing about me, but you don't even know my name, so you wouldn't hear it and don't know, you will never know and like all the other abusers, you make rotten 'judgements' and curse me, well it's YOU that is cursed with your rotten ignorance!!! You told me that your 'user name' was in reference to a 'German Bomber Plane', that was being used during the WAR, That IS 'NATZI'!!!! I lived in Germany for a long time and have many friends there and don't claim to be anything like a 'German Bomber'!!!!! You are a SICK ROTTEN ABUSER, who will never know the truth!!!! Go back to Hell with your rotten 'Judgements' I am NOT going to tell you about me and Phil, or anything else because you are IGNORANT & NASTY & ROTTEN!!!!!!
  20. Lucky you!!!! Random fact: I live alone in the house I own.
  21. This IS 'ABUSE'!!!!! My 'username' was given to me by Phil Lynott himself, his Mother is NOT his 'teen dream' etc, you are the usual IGNORANT PIG 'FAN'......... The 'BAD' thing about Phil, was that he was a 'Headonist', now he's dead!!!! You are following the abusers that follow in his footsteps, that care NOTHING for the 'real' people in his life or that the songs are about them, all you care about is the Plagiarists and FRAUDS who make a claim on his life or claim to be NATZI BOMBERS!!!! It suits you! That Music is as much mine as it was Phil's, but you show me NO respect! Go back to Hell with Hitler, where you belong with your NATZI WAR PLANE, Don't throw your ignorant pig abuse at me!
  22. And if I told you that my Band was 'The Boys', that I met Phil and 'Tin Lizzy' as the band was originally called back at the beginning of the seventies. That was after the band 'The Boys', me and Phil hit it off right from the beginning, and I told him about my band and that I'd left the 'straight' world to join the 'Peace Convoy'. Phil was always courting me, he told me a lot of the songs for for me and on some, we sang about my traveller friends and my Family. The year he died, I was having a lot of trouble with 'Thatcher', who smashed up the 'Peace Convoy' and me, I was locked away, no trial, no charges! When I got out eventually, everything had moved on, the 'lads' didn't want to know me, they would rather employ someone the 'play the part' for them, than give me any recognition. I expect they'll be the same here, there are just too many plagiarists doing that these days. 'Bomber'?, my Dad was in the R.A.F., 'Bomber Harris' is a war veteran, 'Stevie Harris' of 'Iran Maiden' claims he is 'Bomber Harris', there's another here and God know how many people using names connecting themselves to me/and or Phil. I don't suppose you'll believe me, but I know the truth and I know that most of you never will..... (That includes Phil's so-called 'friends', I know he wouldn't have shut me out the way they have, because the songs are about my life and family too, people they will never know.........) Congratulate the plagiarist frauds if you will, to me they are blood sucking monsters, that don't know anything about the people the songs are about and never will.
  23. I wonder just how many people there are calling themselves 'Bomber' or 'The Maiden', bet you don't know me?

    I am REAL!

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