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  1. Another surprise in the book is Jimmy says he overdubbed bass at the end of That's the Way. He says he borrowed JPJ's bass and added it as an overdub. There seems to be one contradiction. Jimmy writes that he used an early sixties white Stratocaster with a rosewood neck on 10 Years gone. He had traded this guitar to JPJ for Jones' banjo which Page used on Gallows Pole. I recall a post on Jimmy's website for "on this day" where there is a recent photo of him holding a white Stratocaster with a maple neck and said that the Strat he was holding was the guitar he used to record 10 Years gone with and that Jones had borrowed it from him many years back and it just recently returned back to him. Not sure if he got the story mixed up or that this is another guitar he also used on the track.
  2. The Marshall Amp is not a standard Marshall 100 but a Marshall Super Bass Amp! He has a pic of the tonebender and mentions it (I purchased the same pedal reissued a few years back) He states that it wasn't the first pedal he used. He mentions (and has a pic) of a DeArmond pedal that he used in sessions. He also mentions Roger Mayer who produced a lot of Hendrix's pedals. Funny tho Jimmy doesn't go into the Supro amp too much.
  3. Jimmy Page session work mentioned in his new book that someone reminded him about at a chance visit at Shakespeare and Company (an English bookstore in Paris) Especially check out the solo! FRANÇOISE HARDY - JE N'ATTENDS PLUS PERSONNE
  4. Yes the riff in D was a rip from a Motown track and Jimmy brought in the chorus section. JPJ played the slide on Celebration Day.
  5. Quickly reviewed the notes in the book (and there are many!) Jimmy used the Gibson Switchmaster Es-5 on Candy Store Rock, Vox and Fender 12 string guitars are on Stairway, and Ibanez Guitar (donated by members of ABBA) was used on Fool in the Rain, and Ten Years Gone had a Sunburst Fender Strat with maple neck and a White Fender Strat with rosewood neck on the recording. Zeppelin rehearsed more tracks for the O2 show than they played. Notes in the book say that Four Sticks, Carouselambra, Wanton Song, the Rover, Over The Hills, Dancing Days, Houses of the Holy, Custard Pie, Going to California,, Rain Song, Immigrant Song and What is and What Should Ever be were played. (I did not see much if any notes on the Les Paul wiring changes he made from the standard setup but will have to doublecheck)
  6. Received my signed copy today (#63) The quality of the maufacturing is outstanding!
  7. I own a pair of the Chicago tickets.
  8. A brilliant artist who will be missed.
  9. I wish I was there! I look forward to reading the book.
  10. Honor also was in an early episode of The Saint (1962) so she actually worked with two James Bonds!
  11. Honor Blackman RIP (Actress in The Avengers and Goldfinger) (Page was a session musician on the title track)
  12. Different tubes in the standard version.
  13. I also have a old Led Zeppelin II pressing from Europe that had John Paul Jones listed as John Baldwin.
  14. A terrible loss. Rest in Peace Neal Peart. THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC!
  15. Jimmy Page uses Extra Slinky Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings - 8-38 Gauge.
  16. The 7-inch was scheduled to be released December of this year. In regards to Stairway, I guess there will be no "Digging Deep" podcast on that one!
  17. I guess Jimmy has been talking to Gene Simmons..............................
  18. Cool picture! (I wonder if this was THAT black dog that inspired the title? :-))
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