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  1. Yes, the Pacific Ocean. HYE painted a watercolor?
  2. lol he does look like Bowie! Maybe they came from the same gene pool.
  3. No. HYE visited the Grand Canyon? Btw, here is the Safety Dance for your viewing pleasure. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=HcOZ6xFxJqg
  4. Emeralds Cherry or Cinnamon Jelly Hearts?
  5. Battlefield by Jordin Sparks featuring the Jonas Brothers
  6. Lordy, I have loved some ladies and I have loved Jim Beam and they both tried to kill me in 1973 when that doctor asked me Son how did you get in this condition I said hey sawbones I'm just carryin on an old family tradition So don't ask me Hank why do you drink? (Hank) why do you roll smoke? Why must you live out the songs you wrote? Stop and think it over Try and put yourself in my unique position If I get stoned and sing all night long It's a family tradition! -Hank Williams Jr. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=wyDie_4dOdU There's a tear in my beer cause I'm crying for you dear you are on my lonely mind http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sETQvtGStbQ
  7. blog.seattlepi.com/apartmentliving/archives/192813.asp?from=blog_last3
  8. My uncle and his girlfriends had their photo taken in New Orleans also! What a coincidence!
  9. R&B Chocolate Mousse or Strawberry Cheesecake?
  10. He reminds me of my uncle because he always had lots of girlfriends whenever anyone was taking a photograph on a Friday night. :-)
  11. Poirot Upstairs, Downstairs or Sherlock Holmes?
  12. Shrimp and Chicken Noodle Soup came out well, wafted a delicious aroma throughout the house and tasted wonderful!
  13. Filet Garlic mashed or cheesy scalloped potatoes?
  14. We did not have an official name in 1969.
  15. I like the voices of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, but there are times when they grate.
  16. But there is another Crystal, Nevada in Clark County in addition to the one in Nye County, that is located near Interstate 15 and the Valley of Fire Highway. To get there you go north on Interstate 15 toward Salt Lake City as you leave Las Vegas, pass the Craig Road and Speedway exits, then pass Apex and Arrolime. Go straight on I-15 and pass the exit to the 93 Great Basin Highway, pass Garnet and then exit on the Valley of Fire Highway to the east. Crystal, Nevada in Nye County is the one where you will find Crystal Road though. It's a tiny place with a population of 9,484, with a density of about 20 people per square mile. Crystal Spring, Ash Meadows is located in the Amargosa Valley.
  17. Yes. Have you ever eaten breadfruit?
  18. To reach Crystal from Las Vegas you would drive past Nellis Air Force Base and keep going west on Craig Road, then go north on the U.S. 95, and then turn left on Nevada Highway 160. It's about 70 miles give or take, and takes about and hour and 15 minutes. You would need to bring water though because it is desert, and a cell phone in case a rattlesnake bites you. I have not driven that far in that direction though, only as far as Elkhorn off the 95. :-)
  19. Best time to visit there would probably be in winter or spring, unless it rains, as summers in the Mojave desert are hot enough to live up to the meaning of 'California', which is 'hot furnace'. If it is raining then you must be wary of flash floods.
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