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  1. ^As I said you are not the only one who has lost people to cancer. I do not see what your problem is. I think that research should yield results that are helpful to humanity. I guess that you do not care about that.
  2. If it helps, that is great. But how did helping cancer research all of a sudden bring out such defensive behavior? Cancer research must be a very sensitive issue these days all of a sudden. I did not know that people cared so much about cancer. I think it is wonderful that this interest in curing disease has drawn so much attention. I just hope there are some significant, measurable results to justify all of the hoopla. So get used to it because I am very demanding when it comes to results when charities solicit the support of the public. If you want me to care about your charity than you better do more than just try to beat me up on a message board, because if that is all it is, then I am not buying it. Robert Plant did not discover cancer, btw, it was a problem long before he sang his first song.
  3. I am certain that he does not need to solicit for cancer research to raise his profile. My concern is that if people are going to raise funds for cancer research, they ought to deliver results or quit asking for people's hard-earned money. And if you cannot comprehend that, ledded, than you are a very sad person. Btw, a whole bunch of people besides your friends have been lost to cancer.
  4. Yes, the Pacific Ocean. HYE painted a watercolor?
  5. lol he does look like Bowie! Maybe they came from the same gene pool.
  6. Anyone who has ever lost a loved one to cancer understands the value of results. Pathetic is when someone dies of cancer, not when someone insists on more than lip service when people ought to be delivering appropriate health care. Anyone who does not understand that is not truly charitable. If that bursts anyone's bubble, then so be it.
  7. So then he needs to properly manage his addictions, appropriately detox, use less and less of anything harmful over a period of time, and replace the damaging addictions with something that brings him inner calm, joy, fulfillment and a healthy outlet for passions. Ray Charles succeeded in maintaining an exceptionally wonderful career. He also coped with addiction. oldies.about.com/od/rbandblues/f/rayheroin.htm therockradio.com/2010/02/ronnie-wood-back-in-rehab.html
  8. He reminds me of Brian Jones in some ways.
  9. He's an addict. That is what addicts do. Right now he has his music as his friend. He is not doing so well in his relationships. He can still turn to his guitar for solace. Would you rather have him out robbing banks instead? At the moment he should probably be managing his addiction and finding some calm and harmony somewhere in his life. I hope that all those talented rehab professionals will be able to assist him in that endeavor.
  10. If it is only for appearances sake, no. I prefer to support charities that yield solid results. If this is going to be just another event where people pat each other on the back but otherwise nothing really gets accomplished other than a few photo ops, I will not be impressed. I'm hard to please.
  11. How does being an addict make him the luckiest guy in the world?
  12. How is this going to help cancer research? And more specifically, will it make any difference in the actual lives of cancer patients? And if so, how many?
  13. ^His image was displayed on a billboard on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0yum0jaQFk
  15. Slash is good, but that snakepit was loud. I think the decibels were higher than the time I went to the Who concert.
  16. No. HYE visited the Grand Canyon? Btw, here is the Safety Dance for your viewing pleasure. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=HcOZ6xFxJqg
  17. Emeralds Cherry or Cinnamon Jelly Hearts?
  18. eternal light

    In Seattle

    ^Read all of the instructions for emergency landings and pay attention during takeoff and landings. It is a relatively short flight, about 2 hours, maybe 3. If they tell you to keep your seatbelt on during the flight, I would observe everything closely. I usually think about how I would safely exit the craft in an emergency, and rehearse it in my mind. Other than that I would just watch a movie and take my mind off my worries, and I always say a prayer during takeoffs and landings. I greatly enjoyed the flight from California to Seattle when I went one time. You can see all of the mountain ranges if you have a window seat. It was about 25 degrees the night that I arrived. I guess it was around Christmas. I once flew during February from California to Las Vegas to see the Rolling Stones at the MGM. That was fun.
  19. And to think that one of those guys once lived in my neighborhood.
  20. eternal light


    Elton John was on a few minutes ago. I like Lady Gaga's costume!
  21. You could always get a part-time job in a pet store. Btw, how will the kitty get along with the betta fish?
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