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  1. its hard to believe it was a year ago yesterday the reunion took place. this year went so fast. so are jp,jpj and jason bonham still planning to do anything? even w/o rp?
  2. no reason im a big fan of the early zeppelin tours just like talking with ppl who were there thats all.
  3. looking to chat with anyone who was at the msg 9/19/70 show, either show the afternnon or the evening. it's always nice hearing the stories from ppl who were there. i never got to see led zeppelin so the stories are the next best thing.
  4. thanks everyone for filling me in on the real deal. these djs need to find out the facts b4 openeing thier traps.
  5. i just heard this in 103.7 in new jersey that lz will play on the east coast soon.
  6. i think its jj jackson from the good old mtv days. he was a big led zep fan. he was also a dj in l.a when zep were in thier heyday.
  7. its on youtube put in search area (robert plant msg)
  8. ive been hearing that a new hammer of the gods book is coming out on april 1st 2008. whats different about this edition? anyone have any info about this new edition?
  9. i was 13 my best friend came over for the walk to school he told me about it. i remember listening to wplj in new york and they were running the story all day. sadly 3 months later we lost lennon as well.
  10. was it ever played live? it wouldve been awesome to see and hear bonham play that awesome beat live.the things bonham did on drums is still very impressive and influential to this day.
  11. i like the threatening to take the effin beer guy and the guy who yells "play the effin drums" cause bonham is taking too long. thats an awesome audience recording.
  12. i listened to this cd set the other night and there is some guy who keeps yelling heartbreaker thru the whole show. i hate when ppl do that at concerts. i went to see a band king's x and they have a song called "over my head" some numbnut keeps yelling over my head after each song. so the singer gets pissed and says i'll smash my bass over your head then you'll get your over my head. ppl are there to enjoy a show not to hear some moron scream out his favorite song.just watch listen and shut the eff up!
  13. did any of the band talk to him? or are they still pissed about his books about them? im sure some of the stuff in his book was blown out of proportion but you cant think that lz didnt do some of those things. they were a wild bunch of guys except for jpj.
  14. was any of lz's old crew or friends at the o2? like benji leferve,mick hinton ray thomas (jimmy's old tech. how about good ole phil carson or danny goldberg? i would think danny goldberg mostly cause he became the ceo of warner music group and the band really liked him. oh i almost forgot was cameron crowe there?
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