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  1. Malcolm and Angus Young are gods of the guitar for nearly 40 years. They are always perfect. For them the age does not matter. This is just my opinion. But these are the people they human? sorry for my english i am french.
  2. "we must accept criticism in order to save feeling." Jimmy Hendrix
  3. Thank you, you're right: I will work all this. For the solo I'll see if I can make a better sauce. This is not easy with a backing track. But it's going to do it. Thank you!
  4. Thank' s for your comment ! But I don't understand what means " i have subbed" . can you explain it or translate in french ?
  5. Hello i am a led zep fan for many years. I am french and i live in france near marciac, known for its jazz festival. Robert plant come in the Gers (my french region) sometimes because he has some friends. i had the chance to see Jimmy Page and Robert Plant for the "walking into clarksdale" tour when they came to Bordeaux city. Whith friends we have try to do an homage clip to led zep. Please look at this and tell me what do you think about it. Dont be to hard with the guitarist because it's me and i am not jimmy page ! The settings take place in my region. Please, look till
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