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  1. I believe he is retired from performing and recording because I heard it from a pretty good source, but he stays busy working on Zep related projects.
  2. How much did Zep contribute to the making of Monty Python's Holy Grail? Do they still get residuals? Always wondered about that, seems like it was probably a great investment for them!
  3. The fuzzed out guitar solo lead tone studio version of No Quarter. That is sick.
  4. Why were the France dates cancelled off the 80 Tour itinerary?
  5. Plant's vocals on Physical Grafitti are buried in the mix in general. This was done on purpose by Jimmy to mask the hoarseness of Robert's voice due to his recent vocal troubles/surgery.
  6. It was an Eventide H949 Harmonizer. Triggered by Ray Thomas on cue I think. It was a glitchy beast as it was the first of its kind. Robert had one of his own at the mixing desk for his harmonizer effects.
  7. I hope he just does just a project to please himself. as eclectic and weird as he wants to be, no need for a vocalist even. But as time passes, I too think he has hung it up for good.
  8. Think about it, these guys were kids, learning guitar together, dreaming of being big stars, and they BOTH did it, each on their own terms and are considered two of the greatest who ever played. Jimmy = The Greatest Guitar Composer Ever Jeff = The Greatest Guitar Player Ever
  9. I live in North Carolina, too. Anyways, keep dreamin Sammy.
  10. If Robert had sung on C/P, it would be known as the Second Coming. The guitar on that album is Page's best post Zep work bar none.
  11. The AUD source for 6.7.77 just isn't clean enough to do a matrix. I looked into it, because the 77 Tour needs a good matrix, but alas, no go, at least from my vantage point.
  12. Thank You was filmed MSG 73 but there are too many gaps in the footage to release officialy. Supposedly Pagey tried to salvage but couldn't.
  13. Look for King Jimmy & the West Bromwich Blues Band.
  14. bluecongo

    Page with the Lips?

    I wouldn't hold out much hope for this.
  15. Rotterdam 80 is a solid tight no nonsense version, very underrated IMHO.
  16. I think it'll be left off, but not so much because they f**ked it up, but because Jake Holmes is currently suing Zeppelin over the song and they prolly don't want to pay him any more than they have to.
  17. I don't know if this is a mystery per se, but what is that absolute last known photograph ever taken of Bonzo while he was alive? I've never seen a post 80 Tour photo of him, there must be one somewhere.
  18. The lyrics if taken are somewhat insulting and desultory taken in that context. Was Robert not pleased about something regarding his "Only One"?
  19. Was just listening to The Only One from Outrider, great track and I thin a good indicator of what Zep would've sounded like in the 80's, but I digress. I've often thought about the meaning of the lyrics, as if Robert is telling him something. Has this song's meaning ever been explained by Robert or Jimmy?
  20. The fact is that if Jimmy & Robert had told JPJ ahead of time instead of JPJ finding out from a reporter, this whole point would be moot. P&P disrespected JPJ by doing that. I'm sure JPJ would've understood if only they had approached him about it.
  21. Wow that guy is great, just bought Bombus. Thanks for the tip!
  22. As mentioned earlier, AVH should not even be mentioned in the same breath as Bonzo.
  23. I attended the tour opener in Asheville, NC last night. Here are my thoughts: 1. Robert's voice is well suited to this style he is exploring. He has really matured vocally and had great control & pitch all night. 2. he sounds great with Patti Griffin, in fact vocally the whole group sounded wonderful harmonizing together. 3. Buddy Miller coaxed some really eerie vintage sounds out of his guitar, nice work. 4. Darrell Scott is amazing, and to me, after Robert, the star of the show. What a great singer he is, too! 5. Musically, it was very nice, not like "OMG this is AMAZING!", but more like, this is very entertaining and well played. Good songs. 6. The Zep tunes were done really well, my faves were Houses of the Holy and he did a great version of Ramble On. After seeing this show, which I wasn't even going to go to, but I got a last minute free ticket, I respect Robert even more for going in this direction, but I'm still not a huge fan of it and have no plans to buy the CD. But it's great to see him out there and still sounding fresh and like he's having fun after all these years. lastly, Jimmy seriously needs to consider doing a nice theatre size tour if he ever decides to tour at all. What a perfect venue, 2000 seats, packed, great atmosphere.
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