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  1. bluecongo

    Berlin: July 8th '80

    Any more details of this "displeasure"? Never heard this anecdote before.
  2. bluecongo

    Your Favorite Page Guitar Solo

    I'm Gonna Crawl.
  3. bluecongo

    10/4/77 Video

    The sad reality is that even if Dr Badgeley unloaded his dirt, the dirt on Jimmy from 77 would read like this: "Jimmy snorted a bunch of heroin, took a quaalude, was drunk, and passed out on his bed in his hotel room. I sat by his bed to be sure he was breathing."
  4. bluecongo

    Just wondering what you think.

    Jimmy was very polite and nice to me when I met him.
  5. bluecongo

    21 years ago today.

    I don't know where I read or heard this, but the rumour is that Robert got popped for DUI and did this (the band is all police officers) as part of his plea arrangement.
  6. bluecongo

    Zeppelin Mysteries Hosted by Steve A. Jones

    He smoked at the P&P show in 95 that I saw. Thanks as always. Next mystery question: I read in one book, that when Bonzo jammed with Macca during the Rockestra sessions, Bonzo asked Macca about drumming for him. Any truth to that story?
  7. bluecongo

    Zeppelin Mysteries Hosted by Steve A. Jones

    How come Jimmy started smoking onstage in 1977? He had never smoked onstage before 77.
  8. bluecongo

    Black Beauty

    I can't believe this is actually true. Jimmy's lost Black Beauty found after 40 years? And Jimmy says he doesn't want it back? This is surreal.
  9. bluecongo

    Zeppelin Mysteries Hosted by Steve A. Jones

    Is there a "timeline" of events for the tragic days post Bonzo's death? From Sept 25th thru Dec 4th?
  10. bluecongo

    Zeppelin Mysteries Hosted by Steve A. Jones

    What details and info do we know for sure about the "mystery surgery" Plant had on his vocal chords after the 73 Tour? I've only read one interview with Plant where he touches on it briefly. Do we know what was actually done? He never gets asked about this in interviews, but I would think losing his voice at such a young age must've been very disheartening to him.
  11. bluecongo

    JImmy To Attend Classic Rock Roll of Honour

    He played ok, not great. His playing worsened as the show went on. From Stairway on, his solos just wren't that good. Stairway, Dazed & Rock n Roll especially painful.
  12. bluecongo

    JImmy To Attend Classic Rock Roll of Honour

    I think Jimmy's health may be an issue in his ongoing "postponement" of his solo album. I think he suffers from arthritis and tendonitis and can't physically perform anymore for any extended period of time.
  13. bluecongo

    No Page?

    Jimmy may be suffering from arthritis and tendonitis and he quite simply can't physically do it anymore. He's retired.
  14. bluecongo

    Pontiac Silverdome Footage

    The Pontiac footage is out there in the hands of the top collectors for sure. It is only a matter of time, so we all just have to be patient.
  15. bluecongo

    The Fate of the Dragon Suits

    The Dragon suits were designed by an LA designer named CoCo.
  16. bluecongo

    Best live version of Ten Years Gone

    Copenhagen 7.24.79 LA 6.23.77 Landover 5.30.77
  17. bluecongo

    Rock and Roll

    Yeah some of those 80 tour versions are really strong with Robert singing the lines like he did pre 73, like Frankfurt, and maybe Munich, too. Plant was starting to find his high range again right when Zep crashed & burned. He was even singing the ending to Stairway in the higher register then.
  18. bluecongo

    Led Zeppelin Reunion Show Too Heavy For Robert Plant

    Not saying Robert wasn't deeply affected by Bonzo's death, but it sent Jimmy into a near fatal spiral of drugs/depression that took him four years to get out of.
  19. bluecongo

    Zeppelin Mysteries Hosted by Steve A. Jones

    My mystery question is: Who is telling the truth about the Knebworth attendance figures? Mick Wall states attendance for the 2nd show was only like 40,000. 1st show maybe 100,000. Zep camp states 1st show what, 250,000? We all know Grant was a greedy coke head in those days, but promoters are usually greedy coke heads too! What's the truth?
  20. bluecongo

    Today In Led Zeppelin History

    Sadly, on this date back in 1979, Jimmy gave an extremely poor performance on a night when he should've been at his best. I'll always wonder exactly WTF was wrong with him that night. His playing in Copenhagen and the 1st night at Knebworth was very good, but for this show, yuk. I can't listen to this show.
  21. bluecongo

    jason bonham talks zep

    I think Robert led them on. Jimmy wouldn't have put in all that effort with out some kind of signal from Robert post-02 concert. However, the more important question is, who has the demos of those sessions and when will they get leaked?
  22. bluecongo

    jason bonham talks zep

    I'm sorry, but this just makes all the angrier with Robert. All along he said he would be open to something if new material was done instead of just rehashing the old hits, so they (J, J & J) worked on shit for a year! And then Robert blows them off. Nice way to treat your friends.
  23. I met Jimmy at his home in Windsor in 1988. He was very nice & polite. And he has big hands!
  24. bluecongo

    Jimmy's return to Beijing.

    You'd think Jimmy would at least have had some initial workouts with somebody, I hope. If he doesn't have a lineup, he better get one quick!