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  1. I wouldn't say its a great show, but I've been listening to Liverpool 1973, and good Lord almighty Bonzo is just thrashing that poor Green Sparkle kit for all it's worth. The rest of the band can barely keep up. Monstrous performance.
  2. No I meant why Atlantic was displeased about 5 From the Firm Video
  3. I just discovered Lirio Ft Worth remaster and it kicks ass. Definitely best show and best recording from 77 SB we have so far.
  4. Fantastic description thank you for sharing !
  5. No Bonzo = No Stomp Id love to hear Bron Y Aur though!
  6. Although it'll never happen, lets just say for kicks Page Plant and JPJ reunited to fit an acoustic set in some sound studio with a small intimate audience. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You Black Mountainside Friends Tangerine Thats the Way Going to California Battle of Evermore Rain Song Black Country Woman They could do a nice little 30-45 minute set. I'd be happy. It'll never happen.
  7. Until Jimmy sheds light on this topic, I believe very strongly Page has a physical condition that hampers his playing. Tendonitis and/or arthritis, something is wrong. As far as nitpicking Page, let me share a quote “Mistakes are the exhaust of the Dream Machine” Ill take Jimmy dancing on the edge taking chances and screwing up over safe Clapton, or anybody else for that matter. The dude WENT FOR IT ALL THE TIME The last thing Jimmy was thinking of before he walked out on stage in Seattle on 3/21/75 was getting nit picked over a few flubs by a fanboy on the Internet 40 yrs later. He was like “I gotta rock this crowd for 3.5 hours with everything I got, I’m gonna duckwalk, jump around, shred the fuck out, blow rails and hit the Jack baby let’s rock cuz we’re the greatest band ever” go listen to Joe Satriani and be bored
  8. If you can find it check out my version “King Jimmy and the West Bromwich Blues Band”
  9. No love for Copenhagen 7/24/79? very unique version with a BLISTERING solo
  10. Badgeholders 6/23/77 is my fave, it’s petfect. i listened to that 6/22/77 version, it’s stellar, but Pagey just constructed 6/23 just a little better and it wins for me.
  11. With today’s technology sonic miracles can be performed. 6 tracks? Revolver by the Beatles was done on 4! japan can be salvaged into a releasable show.
  12. Incredible amounts of stupid speculative BS going on here. Ridiculous.
  13. Physical Graffiti it has it all
  14. have listened to CD several times now. Here are my thoughts. 1. This is first time I’ve heard this show. I’ve avoided it in the past because of reputation, and because let’s be honest, the Yardbirds weren’t a band that you could listen to in poor quality. 2. It’s the sound of Jimmy dragging 3 lesser musicians to places they’d never thought of. 3. This is a MUST have for any Page fan. It is really refreshing to hear a young, razor sharp, focused and sober Jimmy just tearing everything up. His tone is Psychedelic and glorious, and his playing is fantastic. This is without question the best capture of Jimmys proto Zep fuzz sound on record. It’s almost like Zeppelin .5 4. Relf is actually ok! His vocals are smoother and harmonica is mixed where it should be, no shrillness. 5. McCarty ain’t much of a drummer, but it’s ok. 6. The White Summer on here in SUBLIME. May be my fave version ever. Again, Jimmy just wow. Play this and then play Berlin 80 next to it and use it for Anti Drug message. Hard to believe. 7. Studio outtakes are fun ! 8. Spanish Blood favorite by far. Why Jimmy why don’t you do more stuff like this? You’re GREAT at Spanish style guitar. I could listen to him do Faux flamenco all damn day. 9. Avron Knows outtro solo are you kidding me? Jimmy Dazed time, great stuff. 10. My Baby Wah Wah Vibrato organ sounds YES! This whole set has put a smile on my face. It will get repeated plays, especially Live Disc. I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed hearing Jimmy so young and fresh and sharp. No sticky fingers, just energy and focus, and damn he had KILLER VIBRATO technique. GET IT.
  15. There is a lot of video that remains in the vault. The only question is whether Jimmy considers it good enough quality to release. Dallas Pop Fest 69 Zep 2 in studio footage Bath 70 footage Iceland 70 footage Montreaux 72 footage Pittsburgh 73 footage Earls Court 5/23/75 Pontiac 77 Video knebworth rehearsal video its even rumored Zurich 1980 has pro shot video sooooo yeah
  16. Knebworth Deluxe Box Set Audio Video Compilation including video of Knebworth rehearsals featuring never before heard live version of Carouselambra. A boy can dream right?
  17. It’s a bloody great album that reflected the state of the artists who created it 100%. Artistically pure and uncompromising. Too real for mass consumption.
  18. I feel a little sad about Tony Catania not being with them anymore. I hope his departure was done tactfully, he’s such a nice guy and hell of a player. We grew up in same town and he was my guitar teacher it’s been amazing to see him achieve so much with Jason. Hope he continues being successful.
  19. This is one of the most pointless meaningless threads ever.
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