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  1. 1 minute ago, gibsonfan159 said:

    His techniques were flawless in the studio. They just really weren't anything "next level" or truly impressive compared to many other drummers. His overall use of the kit in accenting the music in a percussive manner was pretty non existent. In other words, heavy grooves and giant triplets easily impress a casual listener, but there's more to being a percussionist than that.

    I will say that the one thing that always impressed me most about him was his distinctive, non traditional fills and accents. Bonham hardly ever did a straight forward "RLRL" drum roll, or tom roll fill like 90% of drummers do. Not until 77 anyway, he did them on Achilles and Kashmir. He always switched it up and did something unexpected, no matter how small. 

    I just disagree here.  In his day, Bonzo was TERRIBLY impressive, jaw dropping and revolutionary.   

    Yeah, drumming has evolved and his technique isn’t as high by today’s standards.  Had he not died and sobered up, Bonzo would’ve continued to evolve.  It’s a tragedy he didn’t get that chance.  

    Ive been a musician for over 35 years, and a good one, I’ve played with many, many, many great drummers.  Pros, real pros.  Bonham is held in the absolute HIGHEST esteem.  

  2. 1 hour ago, Strider said:

    Here is my standard Baker's Dozen.

    1. April 27, 1969 Fillmore West

    2. August 31, 1969 Texas Pop Festival

    3. March 7, 1970 Montreux

    4. Sept. 4, 1970 LA Forum

    5. Sept. 19, 1970 MSG, NY (evening show)

    6. May 3, 1971 Copenhagen

    7. August 31, 1971 Orlando

    8. September 29, 1971 Osaka

    9. June 25, 1972 LA Forum

    10. March 24, 1973 Offenburg

    11. March 21, 1975 Seattle 

    12. June 21, 1977 LA Forum

    13. July 24, 1979 Copenhagen

    Honourable Mention: 

    Sept. 14, 1971 Berkeley, CA

    This list is a great jump off point for sure !

  3. Why is this sad?

    every other guitar player has signature guitars and amps, at least Jimmy has done something special and interesting.

    Hes 75, probably arthritic, and is curating his legacy.


  4. On 7/11/2017 at 10:07 AM, Graphite said:

    I was being polite when I said "annoyance"

    When you were close to the inside with Zep the rule was to play it cool and all would be fine for you. Howard crossed the line with a money making  unauthorised "hatchet job" on Page. Sillly boy, he could have got the big story had he kept rank.

    I never thought Tangents in a Framework was a hatchet job, it was one of a only a few books on Zep out there in early 80s it’s just an overview book on his career nothing salacious or anything. Why did it piss off the band ? 

  5. Yep, I’ve been waiting to see your comments on 7/24


    total fluke show out of nowhere Jimmy just plays like a man possessed, in reality, Jimmy NEVER plays this well again for rest of his life

    so glad bootleggers captured one of his all time great performances 

    easily in top 3 fave Zep shows for me