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  1. As per usual on this tour, Jimmy sounds great with lots of energy thx for sharing !
  2. I find this topic amusing, because it’s because of Radiohead Plant & Page split ! Robert said when he heard Radiohead’s guitarist at Amnesty show, P&Ps last one together, that’s when he realized guitar solos etc were passé and not always necessary etc so he ditched Jimmy for Skin, and the Zep world was forever left behind. so F**k Radiohead
  3. What’s funny to me is by the 80 Tour Robert is singing a line and to me it sounds like he’s saying “My sister she bought me a whale” no idea what that’s supposed to be lol 😂
  4. Jimmy is on record saying Bonzo played Marimbas on FITR
  5. Last nite during Steelers Browns game, the Steelers fumbled and Browns recovered and scored touchdown. The house PA system in Pittsburgh started plying Heartbreaker haha
  6. It’s obvious to me Robert feels awkward still onstage at this point, without Jimmy onstage weaving around him, he wasn’t sure what to do with himself onstage. His body language is very uncertain
  7. Perhaps it’s because in A the unused 12 string could ring out in sympathy better ? We know Jimmy would leave 12 string pick up on sometimes to achieve that effect maybe that’s why
  8. I do it too Bro, totally makes a difference I’ll never go back
  9. Sending love to Page family very sad news
  10. I’d be really really surprised if CP masters were destroyed in fire. Jimmy likes to keep hold of what he has, typically. But I’m looking forward to Saccharine in great quality! What a song shoulda been on album for sure
  11. I just think they were cranked out on blow at Knebworth
  12. If you happen to be in NC tonite come on by I’m jamming Zeppelin all nite for Bonzo !
  13. If you happen to be in North Carolina this weekend........
  14. Ok so he’s just playing a harmony over main riff start on 14th fret of A string and go down 14-13-12-11 then jump to G string 12th fret and bend up for the little lick he does then 9th fret A string to 7th fret
  15. He may not get writing credit, but performers can get “points” from a recording they appear on. I’m sure Jimbo has or will be compensated in some way.
  16. Pretty hot lookin ! Prices pretty reasonable too for that quality
  17. I think maybe there was one time where Page was carried offstage, and then that turned into a million different stories as ridiculous as the Knebworth one. I mean, there's pics of Jimmy walking to the stage! LOL
  18. Honestly I’ve yet to hear a substandard 1971 show, they were peaking hard, I don’t know how you’ll manage to rank these.
  19. TSRTS Jimmys Guitar is wicked out of tune, it’s a distraction for him obviously great sound quality though dang
  20. Was just watching a show about how the Moon was formed on VICE channel, and there was a scene where they showed a fictitious city and on a billboard was Zeppelins Mothership artwork !! very random.......
  21. Jimmys 80 guitar tech Tim Marten shared the info in an 80s magazine article, Guitar World perhaps ?
  22. To me this argument is stupid, mainly because Zep could play circles around the Stones musically, I mean the Stones aren’t even in the conversation talent wise compared to Zep. it would take 5 Charlie Watts to make 1 Bonzo, maybe Jonesy is more talented than the Stones all put together Mick Taylor was a good guitar player, nice pure player and cleaner than Pagey, but that’s where he ends just a player Jagger vs Plant is a toss up Mick is a hell of a performer can’t deny that !
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