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  1. Physical Graffiti it has it all
  2. have listened to CD several times now. Here are my thoughts. 1. This is first time I’ve heard this show. I’ve avoided it in the past because of reputation, and because let’s be honest, the Yardbirds weren’t a band that you could listen to in poor quality. 2. It’s the sound of Jimmy dragging 3 lesser musicians to places they’d never thought of. 3. This is a MUST have for any Page fan. It is really refreshing to hear a young, razor sharp, focused and sober Jimmy just tearing everything up. His tone is Psychedelic and glorious, and his playing is fantastic. This is without question the b
  3. There is a lot of video that remains in the vault. The only question is whether Jimmy considers it good enough quality to release. Dallas Pop Fest 69 Zep 2 in studio footage Bath 70 footage Iceland 70 footage Montreaux 72 footage Pittsburgh 73 footage Earls Court 5/23/75 Pontiac 77 Video knebworth rehearsal video its even rumored Zurich 1980 has pro shot video sooooo yeah
  4. Knebworth Deluxe Box Set Audio Video Compilation including video of Knebworth rehearsals featuring never before heard live version of Carouselambra. A boy can dream right?
  5. It’s a bloody great album that reflected the state of the artists who created it 100%. Artistically pure and uncompromising. Too real for mass consumption.
  6. I feel a little sad about Tony Catania not being with them anymore. I hope his departure was done tactfully, he’s such a nice guy and hell of a player. We grew up in same town and he was my guitar teacher it’s been amazing to see him achieve so much with Jason. Hope he continues being successful.
  7. This is one of the most pointless meaningless threads ever.
  8. The sad truth is, Jimmy was pretty cheap. Recording live shows back in the 60s and 70s was costly. He just didn’t record a lot of shows. Zep did what, 300-400 shows in their lifetime. Jimmy multi tracked 20 or less. I bet bet you anything that is one of Jimmys few regrets, if he has any at all. its a shame that their true live peak 70-71 isn’t really represented. Here’s hopin for Japan 1971 release !
  9. Glad you like it. its my l least favorite Zep show ever. Pages worst performance of all time.
  10. Jimmys next solo release will be posthumous
  11. That's not a man hard at work on new album and tour.
  12. I was 8th row in Syracuse in 1988. It was 73 all over again he was incredible.
  13. Percy sounds great but it does chap my ass just a wee bit how much Zep he plays considering all he's said about moving on.
  14. Awesome ! WHERE IS THAT DAMN VIDEO ???!!!!!!! The Zep world needs that video
  15. I saw Jimmy several times live, he's been fantastic. 88 & 98 especially. I understand your disagreements. Im a serious guitar player, I listen really closely, and have dissected Jimmys work. but I don't know if he was ever as fluid like he was that night in Copenhagen.
  16. As the years go by, Copenhagen 7.24 really is my favorite. Magic nite for Jimmy, he never played that well ever again in his life. Crazy right?
  17. The real answer since no one here has a clue is that they constructed a NEW intro. listen to the end of Ramble On. They pasted the end of What is and What Should Never Be to it then ended it on the first chord of Black Dog. Pretty darn clever and well thought out I'd say.
  18. I also did a matrix for Zurich 1980 and Mannheim 7/3/80 i think they're worth checking out if you like my other work
  19. The version on new Seattle 3.21.75 is incredible. It's in my top 5 for sure
  20. Les Paul but don't know for sure guitar solo HAS to be a Les Paul
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