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  1. Not at all. I for one have long held the suspicion Jimmy suffers from some condition in his hands/wrists/arms that hinders him in some way. But no one ever asks him for some unknown reason.
  2. I would wager a fairly large amount that Page was asked and consented to this anecdote being published.
  3. Amazing pics outside Copenhagen hotel 1979 ???? wow
  4. Heres hoping he goes back to his Classic sound and shreds that Strat !
  5. I went back and listened, he starts strong, but kinda loses it at the end. Pretty typical 80 solo really. If I may be so bold, I suggest using my Matrix as listening source for next Mannheim show 7/3. Lookup Mannheim Steamroller by yours truly. thanks.
  6. The first Mannheim show is one of my least favorites from 80, not good. Following nite much better imho
  7. I was looking at pics of Zeps 75 warm up show in Rotterdam. Pages finger looks okay. so what day did he smash finger in train ?
  8. I’m updating my reply from 4 yrs ago electrics I’m back to Ernie Ball Super Slinky 009s Acoustic still using Elixir Polyweb but now using 11s not 12s my hands need help sucks gettin old
  9. Thank you ! I either use Taylors a 214 and 614 or Martin GPCA3
  10. Thx guys it’s on all streaming platforms not just Spotify thx !
  11. I’d so appreciate anyone adding to their Playlist, and following me on Spotify more Zep releases coming !
  12. I’ve always thought Frankfurt was most solid show front to back.
  13. I was thinking 82 Steve, he had that shirt for 80 Tour, and he still looks like he’s on Henry here
  14. So let’s see Zep worked the first half of 1975, and they’re not allowed to spend some holiday time with their families before they embark on a World Tour starting in August that will take them from USA-Europe and the Far East for rest of 75 into 76 🙄🙄
  15. Maybe we should be thankful for not having to hear Justin Adams or Skin flailing hopelessly at the Stairway solo over a Trance beat
  16. Still not as shameless as Wendy calling BBC recordings 71 Toronto !! 😂
  17. You should follow me on Instagram, loads of Zep related content plus other great music https://www.instagram.com/eric_congdon_jams/?hl=en thanks !
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