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  1. That is a HUGE leap in logic and projecting your own opinions on a situation. I honestly in 40 yrs of fandom haven’t heard this opinion expressed by anyone anywhere. Its a dark, depressing album without the usual big musical hooks Zep was known for. To blame the mix for poor sales, that’s just ludicrous
  2. Your opinions sometimes baffle me, truly. There are Zero “Trainwreck” mixes on Presence. Really? Presence, although not their best album, is routinely held up as one of their best sounding albums with everything presented in stark clarity, as Jimmy, world class Producer, wanted it. Also, the Remaster series only worked with original 2 track mix down tapes. To date, no multitrack remixes have been done. So not sure what you mean by that last bit.
  3. Jimmy gets a lot of crap for what is essentially an 8 year period blip on a 40 year career of live performance from 77-83 im just glad he survived, many did not.
  4. Cologne is just sooooo fast, guess they had good coke there
  5. How were ticket sales for LA Forum show ? Was it a sellout ?
  6. Nice shoes Jimmy ! credit to Frodo at RO 😂
  7. Jimmy is worth 300 million or whatever, he just doesn’t need to perform. Its a tough business, I think Jimmy doesn’t wanna start from scratch at this stage in life. He made his musical statement.
  8. I just disagree here. In his day, Bonzo was TERRIBLY impressive, jaw dropping and revolutionary. Yeah, drumming has evolved and his technique isn’t as high by today’s standards. Had he not died and sobered up, Bonzo would’ve continued to evolve. It’s a tragedy he didn’t get that chance. Ive been a musician for over 35 years, and a good one, I’ve played with many, many, many great drummers. Pros, real pros. Bonham is held in the absolute HIGHEST esteem.
  9. All I can say is please don’t even bother reviewing 8/11 which to me, is Jimmys all time worst show. it will cause you great pain Gibsonfan
  10. Think of it metaphysically Jimmy was/is Zeppelin personified Zep no longer exists Jimmy is retired
  11. I find early Live Zep close to unlistenable Robert screeches and howls way too much, Bonzo doesn’t always keep solid time. They were much much better by 1970.
  12. This list is a great jump off point for sure !
  13. So what’s happened to the Brown B Bender Tele ?
  14. Why is this sad? every other guitar player has signature guitars and amps, at least Jimmy has done something special and interesting. Hes 75, probably arthritic, and is curating his legacy.
  15. I never thought Tangents in a Framework was a hatchet job, it was one of a only a few books on Zep out there in early 80s it’s just an overview book on his career nothing salacious or anything. Why did it piss off the band ?
  16. WEM systems early on Once they picked up Showco in 1970 they left all sound to them.
  17. Hmmm I will checkout this out
  18. Yep, I’ve been waiting to see your comments on 7/24 total fluke show out of nowhere Jimmy just plays like a man possessed, in reality, Jimmy NEVER plays this well again for rest of his life so glad bootleggers captured one of his all time great performances easily in top 3 fave Zep shows for me
  19. Well, it’s in E so that tells me it’s at it’s natural pace, not messed with.
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