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  1. Hmmm I will checkout this out
  2. Yep, I’ve been waiting to see your comments on 7/24 total fluke show out of nowhere Jimmy just plays like a man possessed, in reality, Jimmy NEVER plays this well again for rest of his life so glad bootleggers captured one of his all time great performances easily in top 3 fave Zep shows for me
  3. Well, it’s in E so that tells me it’s at it’s natural pace, not messed with.
  4. These pics are outstanding great close up detail !
  5. Honestly, the movie is an unwatchable mess. It’s like a student film, so crude. Jimmys soundtrack is marginally interesting. both film and music are evil and disturbing and don’t merit repeat viewings IMHO
  6. 5/26 has long been a 77 fave for me, I think the band has a relaxed approach for entire show, I love this one
  7. Rocking some Zep on my Jimmy Page signature model Les Paul
  8. This fiasco is what finally convinced me Page is retired and unable/unwilling to perform
  9. The legend is that at beginning of Rock n Roll Page tripped and fell onstage that’s why guitar cuts out
  10. Jimmy was also a big fan of the Tremolo effect. Like after "really need 'em bad" he hits that big chord with tons of Tremolo.
  11. Quintessentially Page thats why he’s the coolest folks !
  12. Album was a disappointment, but hot dang the concert was just amazing
  13. Zeps music doesn’t work unless you give it total commitment. It ain’t easy, takes a lot to perform their music. as dissapointed as I was personally, if what we would’ve seen is half ass Robert looking distracted on stage, well we’re probably better off
  14. Great reviews, sounds to me like 77 Tour is growing on you........
  15. Jimmy got sober in stages heroin quit in late 83 coke probably stopped late 80s early 90s quit booze early 2000s
  16. Fwiw I don’t get all,the hate for 5-26-77 I think it’s an a very cool show kind relaxed with some nice fluid playing by JImmy listen to Stairway solo and talk to me to each his own I guess
  17. Gibson just wanna say Strider LIVED IT. You weren’t even alive then, you guys don’t know. Show some respect all of you.
  18. http://www.deangoodman.com/jimmy-page/ read this interview doesn’t look like there’s 77 multi tracks
  19. If anyone is in South Carolina September 7th I will be performing a very special 50th anniversary tribute show to commemorate their first ever gig on Sept 7th 1968 Where ? New Groove Artisan Brewery 4078 Hwy 9, Boiling Springs, South Carolina 29316 8pm
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