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  1. just checked this out... great song! really bluesy i'm downloading it right now!
  2. Your welcome. I added you as a friend. Hope you don't mind..

  3. Thanks guys! I've moved up about 500 spaces since I last posted But the competition ends in March so be sure to vote daily, thanks again for the kind comments
  4. Welcome to the forum!

  5. Hey. Just thought I would say hello.

  6. comes from the land of the ice and snow

  7. For an online art competition, Ive submitted a sketch I did of Jimmy Page. If you all would be so kind as to vote for it, it would be much appreciatied. It was done using a mechanical pencil on a regular piece of paper (I'm no professional). http://www.brickfish...453659&scid=515 the picture i took it from is on this website also. see if you can find it! Thanks, Z0S0
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