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  1. Ah yes, thank you. I recall she was going to be selling her LZ memorabilia,
  2. From Twitter. A fan met Jimmy at the Olympia Record Fair this morning, Saturday 16 November 2013:- Ian Miller ‏@ianmilleruk 14m I met Jimmy Page this morning. Just your average Saturday then. Ian Miller ‏@ianmilleruk3h Browsing vinyl at the music mania fair at Olympia
  3. Great photos - nice of you to post them. I am assuming it's not Melanie, but if you are in contact with M. tell her she is missed on the boards.
  4. OK Saj, does Mr James know about this?
  5. The Carluccios restaurant in Covent Garden used to be very, very expensive..
  6. Aen27 I don't have an Instagram account, but I am still able to see the text. I have copied it here for you. The two pictures on the site are the ones already posted here. 2 days ago Jimmy Page, possibly the greatest guitarist ever, hanging out with my wife, very proud. What a dude. #ledzeppelin #jimmypageFollow cameroncanete, bluesveinss, mikelawton11 and 15 others like this. nicolaljames Oh yeah baby! And he paid for dinner! What a gent! X mikelawton11 Where and how did you manage to meet him?! nicolaljames He's friends with a friend of mine and he brought him along last night - then they went to a poetry reading! We went to carluccios in south ken, so cool! denisse_lovesu Love this pic!!
  7. Another lucky person met Jimmy last night in London, 12 November 2013. Photograph copyright of Nicola L James at Twitter. The venue was Carluccios in South Kensington.
  8. rosiet, Without wishing this thread to go off topic, I don't know if you are aware that the concert that evening is covered on the site's Timeline, complete with setlist, commentary and photos from the show. Apologies if you have seen it already. http://www.ledzeppelin.com/show/april-10-1970
  9. kenog

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Yes, FireOpal, I too thought it was a woman. However, I have to say she is not very feminine looking in facial terms. I can understand why some thought it was a bloke. I like the dog though!
  10. henrybonzo, When I clicked on the photo of the two of you, the zoom facility showed up the brand of scarf Jimmy is wearing - Lonsdale. It is only £5.99 and the photo of the scarf is on their website. Here's the link for anyone wanting to get the authentic Jimmy Page look. The one Jimmy has got is the black stripe. I thought it would be from some really expensive designer - wrong. http://store.lonsdale.com/lonsdale-college-scarf-902249
  11. From Halfin's Diary 10 November 2013:- "...Ended the day with Jimmy Page having Sunday dinner in Kensington discussing records…"
  12. Disco Duck, As far as I am aware he is a photographer like Scarlet. I think (?) he has assisted Scarlet on shoots in the past. I remember he had been helping out on the 'On This Day' feature on Jimmy's website.
  13. Thanks HB, His son in law is called Tom Brown (Scarlet's husband) I wonder if it was him. I've attached a photo here of Tom with Scarlet so you can see if it's the same bloke.
  14. Henrybonzo, Thanks so much for posting this here. It's fantastic!! Would you possibly provide more detail on this. For example, where about in London were you, what time of day, was he with Halfin or Makowski? I think it's brilliant that you went out one day, and just happened to meet Jimmy.
  15. Strider, Thanks for this. I think it was the cast that attracted me. Like you I haven't seen Michelle Pfieffer in a while, and I've always liked her work. I can take or leave Robert De Niro. So, you've saved me the price of a cinema ticket. Cheers!!
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