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  1. I don't want to start a second 'farewell' thread, but I too have decided to leave the site, and will just say 'goodbye'.
  2. Sorry to see you go Otto. You always made thoughtful incisive posts. I think the problem with this site is that there are, and have been, people on it with connections to band members who think they own the bloody place. Take care and the very best of everything to you.
  3. Ah yes, thank you. I recall she was going to be selling her LZ memorabilia,
  4. From Twitter. A fan met Jimmy at the Olympia Record Fair this morning, Saturday 16 November 2013:- Ian Miller ‏@ianmilleruk 14m I met Jimmy Page this morning. Just your average Saturday then. Ian Miller ‏@ianmilleruk3h Browsing vinyl at the music mania fair at Olympia
  5. Great photos - nice of you to post them. I am assuming it's not Melanie, but if you are in contact with M. tell her she is missed on the boards.
  6. Thanks Aen for bringing this here. It looks like Peter Makowski made a mess of getting them into the venue past security!! I've copied some of the photos over here. Photographs copyright of Ross Halfin
  7. Blocoboy, Nice find! Perhaps Robert feels he could no longer do justice to himself on a football pitch. But the charity will come out alright with his donation. Win win all round.
  8. OK Saj, does Mr James know about this?
  9. Another two images of Jimmy. Copyright Getty Images/Jo Hale.
  10. Live text coverage of the evening's events is on http://www.classicrockmagazine.com/news/the-classic-rock-awards-live/
  11. WINNERS The Living Legend Award: Black Sabbath Event Of The Year: Black Sabbath go to No.1 spot Breakthrough Award: Virginmarys The Musicians’ Union Maestro: James Dean Bradfield Tommy Vance Inspiration Award: Rory Gallagher Outstanding Contribution: Mott the Hoople Classic Album: Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton – John Mayall V.I.P. Award: Shep Gordon Metal Guru: Zakk Wylde Best New Band: The Temperance Movement Album Of The Year: Black Sabbath’s 13 Reissue Of The Year: Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours 35th Anniversary Edition Film Of The Year: Led Zeppelin’s Celebration DayTem Band Of The Yea
  12. From the UK Independent 14/11/2013 "...Jimmy Page, the Led Zeppelin guitarist, presented Johnson with the Innovator award at the Classic Rock magazine Roll of Honour held at the London Roundhouse, in front of an audience including Black Sabbath, Ray Davies and Manic Street Preachers. Johnson told The Independent: “It’s very gratifying to be given an award by Jimmy Page because I’ve always admired him as one of Britain’s great guitarists. I’ve received one or two marks of recognition recently. I suppose people want to get them in while I can.”"
  13. According to TeamRock Radio who interviewed Jimmy "...We also find out that the guys are working on a bigger project that we first thought - each of the albums have been remastered... but each album comes with a companion disk that feature different versions of each song!"
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