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  1. Thanks for all of the discussion already. Based on this, the results will be interesting no matter the outcome! AFA filming in Arkansas, I certainly would have doubted that (wasn't the Now and Zen tour the first to come to the area, LR, '87 or '88? I managed to catch that show...) Of course, the lack of tour connections to the area makes the question about the jersey even more curious. And finally, even if it were filmed in Arkansas, it is possible that there were no Walmart in the picture; they're only on every *other* corner. 50/50 shot and all that. ;-) Thanks, -brad
  2. Hello folks, I come, hat in hand, looking for an information handout, should someone have it. You see, completely out of the blue, a friend of mine noticed at about 4:10 into the "In the Mood" video as seen on YouTube ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImpSyGTzot0 ), one of the dancers has on a jersey labeled "Cleburne Co. Motors". This is fairly unique, and possibly referencing a small town in Arkansas (Heber Springs, population ~5000, even fewer at the time the video was made). Does anyone know who this gentleman is or what group he might have been affiliated with? If there is a connection to the town, there are several of us (residents/former residents) who would like to track it down for the curiosity value. The board admin suggested I post here, and any leads would be appreciated. Many thanks regardless, -brad
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