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  1. Thank you for your help, I got one were she is with her grandkids (5 kids ), but I will not use that one because this is part of her private life, and I want to make a work based on her groupie life!!! Ps: Look to how Lori is today
  2. Tudo bem xará?! Mora onde?


  3. Some of those pics are too small and have low quality to my work, but thank you for your help
  4. I need some good pics from Morgana Welch with and without the band, I also need some pics with the "LA QUEENS" for a work that I am doing about famous groupies for my college. Thank you for all your help.
  5. I must disagree with you, Roger Daltrey is not a bad singer, the biggest problem now is that The Who no longer exists, and the only two remaining members try to push in any way a boat that is no longer able to navigate in the music market because of the lack of the other two members that are dead, and that makes both Roger and Pete's target of severe criticism that accuse them of being mercenaries in the music scene. Personally I think there are far worse singers such as Gene Simmons, but this is a personal matter. Besides that, we must never defy new musical projects, after all unusual mixtur
  6. In New Orleans, in 2007, I got those pics in http://www.travismatte.com/Robert%20Plant.htm
  7. This is Robert's girl friend, they they have been together since 2007, but did not know her name.
  8. Hi! Welcome to the forum.

  9. Dude, you are amazing, hope to see in a band one day because you have talent and some futurein music!!!
  10. My name is Marcelo, I'm 28 and work with music, producing events for smaller groups, and I have a very busy life , but do not complain because I love the stress. I'm a little crazy, but that's normal im the middle where I work, and I just love the adventure of waking up without a rotine, though my liver do not think the same, but fuck it, this body was created to work, so it's good that my liver be strong enough to hold a few bottles of energy drinks and stimulant drugs to control my sleep, among other things. I played guitar until I was 18, and I must say it was good, but I broke my fingers
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