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  1. I always like his look but I LOVED his look in the 80's as well.
  2. Have yourself the most bitchin' weekend ever.....you hear?

    Love ya!!!


  3. So here we are again. It's always fun having you around!!! :D

  4. That's so cool Julie!!!!! Such a GREAT friend!!!
  5. Those are some real beauties!
  6. Everything! What isn't sexy about him? I LOVE his sex appeal!
  7. Beautiful pic. Beautiful subject!
  8. I'm sure glad she did. She even has pix of Jimmy sometimes!
  9. That's a beautiful pic! You and your husband make a gorgeous couple! May this year bring you peace and love. Happy New Year!
  10. He was sexy then, and he's sexy now. I can't think of any one thing in particular. It's the whole of him. Everything stands out. Everything makes him sexy.
  11. I believe you're right about the timing. It just wasn't right.
  12. Awwwww L i s a!!!! That is sooooo cuuuuute!!!!
  13. Good luck with that! The Christmas tree is their playground with all those orbs hanging off it. they see FUN!
  14. Awwwwwww! Your cats are adorable Lady Raven! Bunni looks like a real troublemaker with an angels face. And I absolutely LOVE your Siamese! So beautiful! I have a special thing for Siamese.......
  15. these are of me and my cousin. I'm the female in the photo in case anyone was wondering. This is an older one......please nobody BARF!
  16. You look like you could be related to Jimmy . Like in a good way. But is there any other way when it comes to Jimmy?
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