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  1. BlackDog71

    Where can I find this shirt!?

    Hyde always wore the most amazing Classic Rock shirts on the show. But his Zeppelin ones always stood out. For real though, I would love to have a closet full of some of the shirts he wore on the show. Great show. Great shirt. Great band.
  2. BlackDog71

    the "BLAST OFF" solo in "IN THE EVENING"

    Love seeing a thread about that part of the song. It's always been my favorite part of the song. It shows how creative Page could be. Even in the state he was in during that period. So much energy and noise. I always turn the song up, and especially before that part of the song.
  3. 1. Physical Graffiti 2. Houses of the Holy 3. Led Zeppelin IV 4. Led Zeppelin II 5. Led Zeppelin III 6. Presence 7. Led Zeppelin 8. In Through the Out Door 9. Coda ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The toughest part of making this list was ordering numbers 4-7. I like all those albums a lot. Having the debut title be #7 looks odd, but it's a testament to just how much better they'd get, in my opinion. This is not an easy thing for me to do outside of #1....and possibly #2. After that, it was almost painful for me. LOL! It's also kind of cool and Interesting to see all the above posts that have PG as their favorite as well.
  4. BlackDog71

    Led Zeppelin's most beautiful song?

    "The Rain Song" wins this one for me.
  5. BlackDog71

    Favorite Led Zeppelin Year

    I have to say 1973. Great album, great live performances, prime Robert voice, etc.
  6. BlackDog71

    Gem of The Song Remains The Same album

    I voted for "The Rain Song." It's one of my favorite versions of my all-time favorite Zeppelin song.
  7. BlackDog71

    Jimmy Page Responds to Keith Richards

    For me, its simple: Richards is an asshole. He's always been an asshole. He says stupid things about artists all the time. His comments on Zeppelin are no different. Me thinks some jealousy is at the core of it. Or maybe because he's....you know....an old, bitter, asshole. But that's' just my take on it.
  8. BlackDog71

    On the Radio

    "Dancing Days" was on 97.9 The Loop (Chicago) as I drove to work today. Good song to pep me up a little.
  9. BlackDog71

    Favorite instrumentals on companion discs

    I agree on "Bathroom Sound." It's a very cool sound without the vocals. I almost like it better as an instrumental. I like "Out on the Tiles", but the music alone makes me like the track even better now. And YES....Bonham's drumming on the track is so good. So fluid and powerful at the same time.
  10. BlackDog71

    Christmas Songs You Hate

    No worries. You didn't annoy me. I said that as a joke. I knew you were messing around. LOL!
  11. BlackDog71

    Christmas Songs You Hate

    OMG! Make it stop! The agony!
  12. BlackDog71

    Classical Music!

    I'm not totally well-versed in what could be considered "Classical Music", but I have fallen in love with both of these songs, and both of the composers. Some really good stuff. And for both of these, they are one song plucked from an entire suite. They're both my personal favorite pieces from their respective suites. Camille Saint-Saëns Gustav Holst This is an awesome live version. Better than most of the studio ones on YouTube. Mars!
  13. BlackDog71

    Christmas Songs You Hate

    The ones I can think of right now: "Little Drummer Boy" used to bore me. Now, I actually find it annoying. The "Grandma got run over by a reindeer" song. The stupid "chestnuts roasting on an open fire" song. And ANYTHING performed by The F**KING Chipmunks! It's not cute, It's not funny. It sucks, and I want it to die. LOL!
  14. BlackDog71

    Your musical dislikes

    This couldn't be any more true for me! This genre makes me ashamed to be American, and makes me want to cut off my own ears. Probably why I avoid this style like the plague.
  15. BlackDog71

    D'yer Mak'er

    I think some of the band members didn't like it. I'm fine with it never really being played. Not one of my favorites.