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  1. kiefer sutherland is a big led zep fan.when mtv europe gave them an award a few years back,he presented it to jimmy page and john paul jones.
  2. what they need to do is work with the microsoft or whomever designs pcs, bring the ISP'Sinto it,and find a way where you add a 10$$ dollar a month charge and they quit trying to monitor everybody who gets free files. get the tv and movie industry involved.i know internet service is expensive,but if i had to pay 10 bucks extra every month and download all i wish,i'd do it in a heartbeat!
  3. let's be honest here folks,i love plant and have been a 40 year fan of led zeppelin. with that said,he's really a big asshole when it comes to the surviving members. let's also remember,a lot of bad karma hit robert in the led zep era,1968-1980,he lost his son,he lost bonzo, so i can see why he does'nt want to visit that road.and nobody could ever replace him as led zeppelin's lead singer!
  4. i have been saying the same thing for years!led zep is not led zep without the original members. gary rossington is the only original member of lynyrd skynyrd still in the current lineup.really,they are just a glorified skynyrd coverband now.artimus pyle is not in skynyrd now,but he is the only other member of the band still alive other than GR.
  5. plant could not have made it anymore final!
  6. it has to be better than the version dolly parton covered a few years back!!!
  7. i think TCV could do an awesome version of trampled under foot. wonder why they have'nt tried any led zeppelin classics jonesy co-wrote?
  8. teven tyler would do as good in led zep as percy would do in aerosmith! in other words,both bands would stink with anybody but their original singer fronting their perspective bands. why not replace rob halford with george michael or elton john?
  9. don't know who should play pagey,but jack black should play bonzo!
  10. the best live album ever by led zep is the soundboards from the knebworth festival in 1979. they are raw,and the band sounds better that way.i don't think any official live album by led zep are better than any of the soundboard bootlegs out there now.
  11. if percy sold his rights,he must have sold them for 500 million cause he damn sure got his money's worth from whomever he sold them to!!!
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