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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! :-)

  2. 1) When The Levee Breaks 2) Since I've Been Loving You 3) The Rain Song 4) Achilles Last Stand 5) Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
  3. Zep I - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You Zep II - What Is and What Should Never Be Zep III - Since I've Been Loving You Zep IV - When the Levee Breaks Houses of the Holy - Rain Song Physical Graffiti - The Rover Presence - Tea for One In Through the Outdoor - In the Evening Coda - Hey Hey What Can I Do and my favorite songs off live albums: Song Remains The Same - No Quarter How The West Was Won - Over the Hills and Far Away
  4. I LOVE me some Johnny Depp
  5. Sit down stand up (snakes & ladders) - Radiohead
  6. Couple of my favorite movie scenes Scarface quits his job TRUFFLE SHUFFLE And A little something from Quentin Tarantino
  7. The land of ice and snow....... aka Upstate New York
  8. Like so many have said here, the fourth album is just really fantastic its hard to pick a favorite. But if I had to choose then Levee gets my vote. You know its special the first second you hear it!
  9. Hi everyone!!! Long time reader, first time poster. Looking forward to some great conversations!
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