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    muscle cars, water gardens, ballroom dancing(my career),
    music(betcha can't guess my favorite group), life.....we'll see...
  1. Sat. March 27th. "Mobile(Al) Press Register" front page tease..........GUESS WHO'S PLAYING HERE?.....Robert Plant at Saenger / includes picture of Plant going SHHHH. Article on page 2A with current Plant photo reads; Former Led Zeppelin singer and 2009 Album of the Year Grammy winner Robert Plant will appear at the Mobile Saenger Theater on July 28. The show will not feature bluegrass vocalist Alison Krauss, Plant's partner on the Grammy winning "Raising Sand" album. It will be part of a 13-city North American tour by Plant and his Band of Joy. Plant and LZ drummer John Bonha
  2. That confounded bridge is consistently eluding me! XD

  3. I see you are livin' on the edge in a yellow

    submarine wishing I was there down by the

    seaside by Dreamboat Annie and in all black,

    but have you or have you not found that

    confounded bridge? :)

  4. "she's the kind of gurl you want so much it makes you sorry, still you don't regret a single day.....aw guuuuuuuurl"

  5. Got to love Fred Sandford!! Hello new Led Zeppelin friend!!

  6. yes hye gotten a brain freeze from drinking one too fast?
  7. F-Found a downloadable copy of "Hey Hey What Can I Do"
  8. Yo Reggie, just responded to your top 10 list. Normally see my team win the

    championship would be near the top of the list too, but my team (Alabama Crimson Tide) just won the national championship for 2009

    so I had an extra spot open on my list! Good

    luck to your team this year!

  9. 10. Go through several more sets of rear tires on my 455 Cutlass! 9. Own another Vette. (Hurricane Katrina destroyed my 75:( 8. Go back to "Images". (Nightclub in Acapulco w/worlds most incredible view) 7. Go back in time and dance with Cyd Charise. 6. Go back in time and make out with Cyd Charise. 5. Drive the entire coast of Australia. 4. Sing "Hey Hey What Can I Do" and "Your Time Is Gonna Come" with my band and bring the house down. (Workin' on that one) 3. Learn Guitar. 2. See my daughter achieve total happiness. 1. Find that confounded bridge!
  10. yo Taylore, i see you're a night owl too! every

    night i log on after midnight and there you are! nice to know there's some hard rockin'

    chicks out there! later:)

  11. I took it from the bootleg titled "Listen To This Eddie" from the 6/21/77 show in LA. I am a huge fan of Bonham and this is one of his best shows. Basically i think eddie is Eddie Kramer and he chose not to record any of the zep shows from 77, but this one is amazing. I wish there was a soundboard of this show so i could hear Bonham's drums better

  12. same here bro,also diggin the warm weather on the coast! by the way, hip me to what "eddieshouldhavelistened" means. it makes me laugh and i don't even know why.

  13. not much man, just listenin to some good tunes, how about you?

  14. A couple of years ago I learned that vanilla extract is actually made from some type of tree bark. However they do sell real vanilla extract but you have to shop for it. They're both delicious! Most recipe's call for a drop or two, I use it by the capfull.........rock on!
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