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  1. Free outdoor picnic concert tonight, MatisYAHOO!!!!! I think he blends yiddish, hasidic and southern fried redneck into his music. Nothing better than piggin' out on bagels, lox and pork barbeque while listening to someone play their jew's harp! BRINGIN' HOME THE BACON !!!!!!! Now ain't that kosher!!
  2. Please help me pick a new nose. I hate being stopped and searched at every airport. Plus I've run out of buggers!
  3. What's with this I'm happy he's happy, I'm fine with WHATEVER he does, he's recording and touring, NOTHING he does it lame!! Do some people just have no critical bone in their body, ALL is well, everything is beautiful, I'll eat whatever crumbs are left on the ground behind him sort of posts. Adoration goes so far sometimes it's truly sickening. I'm with Toni_R_4_Robert on this one. Boring, one-dimensional and LAME! But Robert does have some music I like, it's been awhile.
  4. I think it's even funnier that people use the word, hate, because the magazine list's the highest ranked Led Zeppelin song at #14. If you're not number 1, you ain't shit! Is that right? Or wait, number 31 ! Well then, bring on the infantry!!!!!! *edit*
  5. On a bootleg of the last Page/Plant show in '98 I have, Bob, I'm gonna leave you as a title.
  6. BenRassmu


    What's the best beer? And the one that's in your hand at the time of the question!
  7. Which one of you ended up eating the most cookies?
  8. Maybe Jimmy's word at the time was just a matter of semantics then. It's been well known that he didn't like the song. People change though and he could now be embracing the riff for his future tour or at least his upcoming China appearance. I'm glad radio programmers know better though and can look at an artist's work, determine what will work for airplay and put the needle on the record. Living Loving Maid has well worn grooves!
  9. It's NOT available NOW! Sure pre-order is going on, but THE BOOK isn't, yet. Who knows how many delays there can be, already one going on. AVAILABLE means being able to GET IT NOW.
  10. Somebody might try changing the thread title. Now ain't happenin'.
  11. I wonder what kind of illustration Crumb has for the event with Eve and the snake. She looks game!
  12. Haven't seen it, but Bawaba Bawaba means Chitlin's with redeye gravy!! Cheap malt liquor for a beverage. Look it up!
  13. Weeza goin' to sizzla! Weeza goin' to sizzla!
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