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  1. Did it look like the Babe I'm Gonna Leave You video? http://ledzeppelin.c...w/march-27-1969 Anyone record it? Don't see it on YouTube.
  2. Didn't see this article posted here. Why is Page involved in this thing?? L.V. producer of China concert caught up in Lady Gaga, BEP ruckus My link By Robin Leach Thursday, Feb. 4, 2010 A Las Vegas producer has found himself in the center of a pop star storm as he prepares for a global peace concert in China that he's presenting in less than 75 days. Rick Garson, a colorful character on the local TV and concert circuit, got into the mess when he said at a Beijing press conference that he'd committed Lady Gaga and The Black Eyed Peas to headline there on Earth Day on April 17. A Chinese music Web site promptly dismissed his announcement, saying that they were appearing elsewhere on Asian tours on that date. The ambitious project, according to Rick and his business partner Ed Winfield, a Las Vegas TV producer, is to be a global telecast and have worldwide Internet transmission to 2 billion viewers with their Las Vegas production team and facilities. Our first report on Jan. 26 included their announcements of legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, Michael Jackson's guitarist Orianthi and Chinese superstars Xiao Ke and Ai Jing in the lineup. Here's YouTube coverage of Rick's announcement and the Jimmy Page Global Peace Award in Beijing Their Web site ShowofPeace.com also shows footage of the press conference that started the controversy. This morning, the Web site only lists an astounding list of pop's biggest names as "Target Artists to Be Invited." Now Rick, the head of ZZYX Entertainment, has issued an official statement to clarify his remarks: "This statement is issued to clarify some confusion and misunderstanding following the press conference announcing the April 17 Show of Peace in Beijing and to provide an update on the involvement of Lady Gaga and The Black Eyed Peas. 1. At that time, it was anticipated that Lady Gaga and The Black Eyed Peas' involvement in the Show of Peace Concert would be confirmed. Unfortunately, as often happens with music tours, schedules change, and currently The Black Eyed Peas are not available to play live at the Show of Peace Concert on April 17. I apologize for making an announcement that implied the band's commitment to the Show of Peace Concert. However, ZZYX Entertainment is currently discussing with Lady Gaga alternative logistics to try and accommodate their existing tour schedule and maintain the band's involvement in the Show of Peace Concert. A further announcement will be made shortly. 2. It has been claimed by one Web site that the management of Lady Gaga "have never heard of Rick Garson and the Show of Peace." This is completely untrue. We have been in detailed negotiations with the management of many global artists, including Lady Gaga, whose management I have spoken to personally. 3. A question has been raised about the support for the Show of Peace Concert by the United Nations' NGO Pathways to Peace organization. PTP has Consultative Status with the United Nations and was granted official U.N. Peace Messenger status in 1987. Michael Johnson, who attended the Show of Peace Concert press conference last week, is a PTP representative to the United Nations. Show of Peace Concert producer Rick Garson has a letter of endorsement from the United Nations in New York and also received the following statement from the United Nations in China just before last week's press conference: "We reiterate our support for initiatives from civil society organizations to observe and raise awareness of International Mother Earth Day. The message of your campaign is in line with our goal of promoting balance among the economic, social and environmental needs and harmony between human beings and the planet. Our involvement as a supporting institution will contribute to your campaign and to the spreading of such messages." In clarifying these points, I would like to remind people in China and around the world why the Show of Peace Concert is going ahead in Beijing on April 17. As Jimmy Page said at last week's press conference, music is the most powerful language in the world, and it has been my ambition for the last 10 years to use the power of music to do some good for our planet. I am surrounded by people talking about the environment and world peace. What interests me is actually doing something about it. I plan to announce the next group of confirmed artists in mid-February, just after the Chinese New Year holiday, and I look forward to welcoming thousands of true music fans to the free open-air concert in Beijing on April 17 with the wonderful image of the Bird's Nest Stadium as the backdrop for the concert." --Rick Garson, Beijing. ChinaMusicRadar.com had blasted Rick and the project as a "Show of Lies." That story led to Rick's clarifications. Meantime, sources now advise that the Dave Matthews Band is expected to sign on as headliners, and Rick will make that announcement on Feb. 15. Vegas DeLuxe will continue to monitor this story.
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