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  1. Not hit material, indeed! And that's the point. Tom's been making radio music for 30 years, and now with Mojo he is finally letting his hair down. That's what he said himself! This first track totally blows my mind and I suspect the album will as well. This is a real rock n roll record, none of that pop-rock stuff he's done before. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this will go anywhere near besting Petty's 30 years of jaw-dropping good hits, or that it'll even topple Mudcrutch. What I'm saying is that I have been waiting for Tom to do this for years. I always knew he had it in him, and what
  2. There are 15 bands that have been with me through thick and thin, the bands that really mean something to me and always will. They are, in no order and excluding Zep, Neil Young Burzum The Doors Nirvana Immortal Technique Pink Floyd Bob Dylan Alice In Chains Tom Petty Pantera Metallica The Pixies GG Allin Neutral Milk Hotel But there are a lot of other bands I like... Well, not a lot. Just several.
  3. Syd was impressive in how he was a massive star who managed to say out of the limelight for the whole rest of his life. Most people don't have that kind of solidarity. Even Jeff Mangum has already done more public material than Syd did from the mid-70s to his death.
  4. I saw The Yardbirds a couple years ago and they were fantastic. Don't think they know that Jake Holmes (not The Yardbirds) wrote D&C though. It's silly of them to go around as "The Yardbirds" but almost every band you can possibly imagine is doing it anyway so it's no big deal to me.
  5. No way, seriously? I saw the DSOTM show and it was a great show to see Roger but Darkside is overplayed as hell. I've seen a bunch of Floyd cover bands do it already. But The Wall, that's a horse of a different color. I'd love to see that.
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