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  1. Tea41

    Page now fighting his other neighbour!

    It just goes to show, there's asshole neighbors no matter who you are, where you live, or how much money you have. I'm sure Page has a point, but with all his money, maybe it's time for him to buy a secluded place to relax and build a studio within a short driving distance, although he said he has a secluded studio right on his Tower House property away from the main house, or perhaps drop some of that serious Zep coin in the bank on some SERIOUS soundproofing upgrades on that area of his property. Page the master needs his space to work. Sounds like his neighborhood is a busy area full of rich people constantly expanding their homes with noisy construction as they have the cash to do so. Ozzy, with all his wealth, had the same problem with his neighbors, but then again Jimmy is probably way more well behaved than Ozzy, who is a known maniac. Everyone has their fair share of annoying neighbors, so we all can relate, but at at the same time, that's the downside of having historic frescos from the 18th century all over your home that are cracking from vibration.
  2. Tea41

    Page's Supro amp recreated

    It's amazing seeing all the anger in some of these posts, I'd love to see how angry these people get when presented with real problems that actually affects their lives. When you sell 350 million records and form the greatest band of all time, like Led Zeppelin did, then release a massive peerless catalog with not a clunker in the bunch, a catalog so good it makes most other bands look like pathetic, as well as becoming the #1 most influential guitarist, producer, and songwriter in popular music history, as Jimmy Page did, then you can release whatever you want too. Nobody's stopping you.
  3. Talk about class, talent, and influence, these are my 2 favorite bass players ever, JPJ and Geddy, then again Led Zeppelin and Rush are my 2 favorite bands ever. These are 2 rare musical geniuses and legends together, just the absolute TOP OF THE HEAP, both top bassists and keyboardists for the 2 best bands in history. I saw another picture with Page, Jones, Lee, and Lifeson together in one pic, I believe it was on Halfin's site, TALK ABOUT THE BEST OF THE BEST IN ONE ROOM! Zeppelin and Rush are just untouchable in the annals of musical history and influence.
  4. Tea41

    Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    Rik Emmett is the famous guitarist, songwriter, and lead singer of Triumph, who has 18 gold and 9 platinum records, and is also a music professor at Humber College in Toronto, Ontario. But gee, but what does he know, right? And I'm not the only one who "says so", anyone with a brain and even remotely functioning ears can hear the vast differences in the 2 songs and riffs in about 5 seconds flat, the Emmett video lays it out clear. And btw, those goofy emoticons don't help you make your weak point.
  5. Tea41

    Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    The 2 are not even close, unless you need a hearing aid. Real musicians like Rik Emmett explain why in this video, he plays both and explains how they are not even remotely similar. But you know more than Rik Emmett, right? Go to 2:38, and also 5:30 and learn something..
  6. With all the bonus track mania going on with the Zep reissues, how couldn't Page put the full live NQ with the full solo from 1976 version on this new TSTRS release, at least as a bonus track? IT'S AMONG HIS BEST LIVE SOLO'S EVER. Is Page that isolated and out of touch that no one has told him how much the fans want this? We've been waiting decades now for it. This is the last TSRTS release, so I guess there's no hope for it. I'll take the full NQ remastered with the full solo over 99% of all the Zep reissue "outtakes", which I love. Page still seems sharp, not sure why he refuses to put his best solo out in a remastered form. There is no excuse.
  7. Tea41

    Robert meets up with Jimmy & JPJ recently

    Cool to to see the 3 of them together, but I have to say it, look at that obvious hairpiece Plant is wearing, I never thought I'd see the day Plant would wear a hairpiece, and a really bad one at that. All that money and that's the best one he could get?
  8. Tea41

    New "Song Remains The Same" 2CD/4LP/3DVD Deluxe Set

    With all the songs on this release, I can't believe Page wouldn't throw on the full "No Quarter"with the full original lead, even as an extra track. It's arguably his best live solo, which is saying alot, as the whole TSRTS Page is on fire, he has to know this at this point. He should've put both the full original 1976 release remastered (not remixed), and also the 2007 remixed version on this set, both in 24/96. No reason not to. Plus, on the 2007 remix, although the sound is good overall, Kevin Shirley ruined the tympani hits and gong smash right before the solo section on "No Quarter" when he drowned it out with that overdone cheesy phaser effect...I'm surprised Page signed off on that as he's a Bonzo purist...this took all the power out of what may have been Bonzo's most crushing fill! Listen to that same tympani fill with gong smash on the 1976 original TSRTS NQ non-remastered version, PURE POWER! Shirley also did the same to Bonzo's toms during Moby Dick triplets crescendo on the 2007 version.
  9. Tea41

    Lawsuit over Stairway to Heaven

    Translation of what Maloify is saying in laymen terms: "Can we please have just .000001% of anything having to do with the incomparable masterpiece Stairway to Heaven, even though it sounds nothing like the hoky, cringeworthy elevator music called Taurus? I swear you'll never hear from us again"...
  10. Tea41

    Planet Rock interview: 50th celeb Page

    I'm personally hoping for a full remastered Knebworth 8/4/79 with a full video blu-ray release (like the few Knebworth tracks on Led Zeppelin DVD), but somehow I doubt it, or maybe even either of the 2 1979 Knebworth warm-up gigs from Copenhagen 79. I've had enough of the early stuff already. I'd love a 24/96 remastered transfer of the original TSTRS release from 1976 (with the full No Quarter solo, one of his best ever), not the 2003 Kevin Shirley version, which was cool too, but there's something extra great about the original TSRTS 1976 soundtrack exactly as it was, especially WLL. But more than anything, I want new Page solo material, you know he's got tons of stuff. He should be putting up newer unreleased tracks on his website, demo's he's working on, etc, instead of the same old "on this day I played with Led Zeppelin at...", which was cool at first but it's all repeats now.
  11. Tea41

    Jimmy Page Vs Robbie Williams

    Williams seems like such a dick, not to mention his music is beyond painful.
  12. Is a CD also being released? I wish they at least offered a hi-definition download for those of us who don't have functioning turntables anymore.
  13. They did the right thing. It only helped their long term legacy and mystery more.
  14. Plant must have been REALLY rich already, so as to not even care about selling his Zeppelin rights. Only someone super filthy rich would do something like that, especially with a band as lucrative and legendary as LZ.
  15. He's improvising, like a real master. He has been sloppy, like on certain shows in 1977 and 1980, but then, a second later, when he plays a really complex, difficult piece like The Rain Song, he's clean as a whistle while doing really heavy duty, intricate chord changes, . Page is a mystery!