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  1. Sorry, nope. And there really is no need to start calling people trolls just because you spend all your life on this forum. Anyway, more when I have more time.
  2. In summary then Two questions: - Does anyone know the name of the man on which the Tramp/Hermit (from Led Zep IV) artwork is most likely based? - Who came up with the Zeppelin tramp/hermit album artwork? Name? (I have no idea of the answer to the second question) Now, that really is it, for now
  3. Who painted this particular Zeppelin artwork, anyway?
  4. OK, rather more than a passing resemblance or coincidence. More of a dead-ringer - artwork based on 100+ year old photographs of a man who lived in a forest in the south of england. The stick gathering hermit is pretty obscure but not a total unknown. So that's why I assumed that someone would have made the connection or the answer would be more widely known. Anyway, I'll reveal all, at a later date, if noone has come up with the answer ... Now I have something I have to skin.
  5. A bit of both. :-) It's just that I was recently given some old pictures and noted the resemblance between the chap in a couple of the photos and the Zep artwork. Could be a complete coincidence, of course.
  6. .... Has to be later as I have to hook up a scanner, dig out the image, etc, etc. Besides I'm sure someone else has an answer ...
  7. Later Sorry I just realised that this thread might be better in the Led Zeppelin Trivia forum. Anyway, any other guesses / answers?
  8. Nope, not George Pickingill. The source I have is almost identical to the Zep artwork. Dating back to 1905 and is an image of a - at the time - living hermit / tramp from the south of England.
  9. 44 How come there's not a 60+ category in the poll? Must be a lot of Zep fans in that age range ...
  10. Yes, that's the chap. I think I might have come across a possible source - dating back to 1905ish, so totally non-Zep related. Just wondering if this was a new 'discovery' or common knowledge ...
  11. I wonder if anyone knows who the bearded tramp with the bundle of sticks was (see figure at top of page!)? Was he created out of someone's imagination or based on a particular individual? Sorry, subtitle should read: anyone know who he was or his origins?
  12. Similar Led Zeppelin / O2 gig whiskey bottle and glass sets are still being sold by the same ebay seller. The last one went for around $ 150 "You are bidding on a Led Zeppelin at the O2, concert VIP & box holder gift. This bottle will never be sold in any retail setting anywhere in the world. The bottle is full and sealed. (For collectors only) Led Zeppelin had decided after so many years "off the road" to make a one night appearance at The O2 in London England, as a tribute to Ahmet Ertegun. Originally scheduled for November 07 was postponed until December 10, 2007. This con
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