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  1. Could you link us? Search results for Rebecca Brown are lame
  2. LOL I believe he was glad, got whole lotta attention that day!
  3. Hi! And welcome to the forum!
  4. Cool one! I love this kind of photos: funny, bright and emotional Like following Not serious at all
  5. Lovely! Have you ever played in the White Stripes?
  6. thanks for sharing! it made my day
  7. The most awful is that ppl there believe that shit
  8. Good day, erings! Thank you! How did you like St.Petersburg?

  9. Had the same question in my mind when I saw the thread. Hi, Louby! I'm a newbie too and I'm glad I'm in some way. Great world to explore!
  10. Oh, budatoba, it's brilliant! Thank you! Where on earth do you get this stuff for all photos' threads from?
  11. Hi, zeppphead! Thanks for adding me!

  12. Hi! Nice to meet you!

  13. Great stuff, man! The way he speaks... is this an accent (I hope)? Btw, I like his dog
  14. I've forgotten to mention that Tolkien even constructed the language of elves. And it's even a map of the Middle Earth. I'm not an expert in all this, but it's very impressive. All these details make you think this world exists somewhere
  15. I read it in Russian after watching the movie, which I fell in love with. And to say "it's a good book"-say nothing. The way J.R.R. Tolkien succeed to depict all the characters, all places, battles, creatures- this whole world- is beyond my imagination. He even wrote the history of the Middle Earth with all dates. This book is a masterpiece. Of course there are lots of moments that weren't shown in the movie and this is one more reason to read it. May be the only negative fact is that J.R.R. Tolkien goes deep into the long descriptions when you are anticipating for the action Btw, thank
  16. Hi! You shouldn't pay attention to the haters' comments. :)

  17. Yeah, it's cool! I love this moments a lot. He's totally into music!
  18. Hi! Cool "about me" section :D

  19. Writing a birthday postcard for a friend wishing her whole lotta love
  20. They are nice! What are their names?
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