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  1. Here's something about that movie that a lot of people probably don't know. The young girl who played Katie... the bass player... her name is Rebecca Brown and she is a real life musician. She's in a band out of Chicago and she's all over YouTube. She has an incredible voice and her YouTube video's feature her sitting at her computer... most of the time you will see her family milling around in the background... singing her heart out. And she's good.

    She's like 17 or 18 now and will probably be heard from again as her talent is just too good to not be recognized.

    Could you link us? Search results for Rebecca Brown are lame

  2. I just re-found this pic from my birthday party last year:


    It just makes me laugh... :rolleyes:

    This was the same party that I will always remember ending in the following way: my best-mate and I crashed out in the back living room, in the dark, with the stereo on loud listening to When the Levee Breaks. I was totally in the moment, just lying across the armchair, nodding my head with my eye shut. Good times cool.gif

    :D Cool one! I love this kind of photos: funny, bright and emotional :)

    Like following :rolleyes:



    Not serious at all :D

  3. Actually, I would like to "Thank You" for your Positive feedback on this (my) topic. Just by seeing all three of these Great "Lord of the Rings" movies, I can only just imagine what a thrill I will have when I finally read the whole series that these books and movies came from.

    From just these movies alone, I can't wait to read the whole imagination and wonderment that J.R.R. Tolkien created when he put his Pen to Paper.

    I've forgotten to mention that Tolkien even constructed the language of elves. And it's even a map of the Middle Earth. :) I'm not an expert in all this, but it's very impressive. All these details make you think this world exists somewhere :D

  4. I read it in Russian after watching the movie, which I fell in love with. And to say "it's a good book"-say nothing. The way J.R.R. Tolkien succeed to depict all the characters, all places, battles, creatures- this whole world- is beyond my imagination. He even wrote the history of the Middle Earth with all dates. This book is a masterpiece.

    Of course there are lots of moments that weren't shown in the movie and this is one more reason to read it. May be the only negative fact is that J.R.R. Tolkien goes deep into the long descriptions when you are anticipating for the action :D

    Btw, thank you, lzzoso, for this topic. It gave me a hint to listen to BBC interpretation of this book.

  5. Poor birdbrained cardinals. My cat would have gone crazy if it happened to our window. She always starts hunting anytime she sees a bird from a window.

    Thanks everyone for kind comments. In fact my cat is only half-siamese, half-persian. They would have been a good company with Beeper. As soon as he would start beeping traffic lights would be on :lol:

  6. what BUK said...Alex, DMachine. JohnPaulJesus, Peep Solero amazing!!! I wished I could do that.

    Amusedoxi- those by painter Alexander Vigalov are great. Good Find!!

    Keep them coming all :thumbsup:

    Unfortunately, that's all his portraits of Zepp. But there're some more works dedicated to rock stars on his site

  7. i would just thank him for making peoples lives better through his music.

    even if he has an ego the size of Russia, he has to appreciate that. :)

    :lol: :lol: :lol: I'll remember that!

    I would thank him for his eternal love to music, enthusiasm and a great will to go forward (especially at that age...But I'm not sure it would be a good idea to tell: 'Mr. Plant, you are 61, but you continue making us happy.' :rolleyes:)

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