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  1. Poor birdbrained cardinals. My cat would have gone crazy if it happened to our window. She always starts hunting anytime she sees a bird from a window. Thanks everyone for kind comments. In fact my cat is only half-siamese, half-persian. They would have been a good company with Beeper. As soon as he would start beeping traffic lights would be on
  2. Sorry for double post. There was a browser bug I suppose.

  3. Unfortunately, that's all his portraits of Zepp. But there're some more works dedicated to rock stars on his site
  4. There are some portraits written by a russian painter Alexander Vigalov. Found them on the net, loved and decided to share
  5. Haven't heard about that. Could you provide any quotes? I really doubt Keith could ever confuse Roger with Robert
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday, Delinha!

  8. :lol: I'll remember that! I would thank him for his eternal love to music, enthusiasm and a great will to go forward (especially at that age...But I'm not sure it would be a good idea to tell: 'Mr. Plant, you are 61, but you continue making us happy.' )
  9. Cool dog, CommunicationBreakdown, so calm and seriuos. And here's my cat Alice
  10. I can't find the quote, but Keith said he's annoyed with Jagger's behaviour on stage. The idea was that he would prefer Mick stand still while singing and not to rush over a stage like a wild monkey.
  11. My teacher emailed me that a progress report on my diploma paper must be written by Monday... And they were silent before, why didn't they inform us earlier??
  12. Amusedoxi

    Photos !

    St.Petersburg, Kazan Cathedral
  13. Amusedoxi

    Photos !

    Thank you, can't stop looking at your pics. And greenman, your one is cool too. Was it in the fog?
  14. Done! And this is mine http://www.lastfm.ru/user/Amusedoxi
  15. Hi! Thanks for welcoming!

  16. Hi! :) Thank you for the add!

  17. May be Ronnie wants to show off... But it's senseless to write this kind of things, when everybody knows the true story...
  18. I remember visiting an internet cafe in Hermitage in St.Petersburg where were a lot of tourists over the age of 55. And they all were feeling comfortable while surfing the Internet. And I was so surprised, cause our russian grandpas and grandmas are afraid of doing something wrong with a computer lol.
  19. It really has! I just wonder if he really thinks anybody will believe this!
  20. Thank you, MJC455. I love Keith for having his own opinion on everything.
  21. I can suppose the older generation is too busy to visit the forum or they are not accustomed to this. Back on topic: I’m 21
  22. Here's an extract from Ronnie Wood's autobiography: "He (Peter Grant) told me that a bunch of blokes were putting a band together and intended to call themselves the New Yardbirds. Peter said, 'They want you as their guitar player.' Well, I'd met a few of them up at his office, including the rude drummer John Bohnam, who reminded me of a farmer, bassist John Paul Jones and the harmless enough Robert Plant, and I told Peter, 'No, I'm happy where I am thanks.' He insisted, 'This is an offer you really must consider.' I considered it for two seconds, and then told him again, 'No way'. The New
  23. Amusedoxi

    Photos !

    You're welcome! Amazing valley I should say... I've never seen something like this before. We don't have this kind of landscape in Russia And here's a sunset in a countryside
  24. Amusedoxi

    Photos !

    Magenta, I like your cat. It looks a bit angry here and willing to escape I have a cat too. Is there a topic about pets? Wow, Lunacy! Your pics of LA are breathtaking. Noone will see my little ladybird now
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