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    Photos !

    Just a little ladybird, which I spotted in the lawn
  2. Russia, the Central part of it
  3. Hi, Deborah! It's great to meet a life-long Zeppelin fan. It again proves they are wonderful.

  4. Love them too. I attended their gig in Moscow in 2007 and it blew my mind. They were brilliant and crowd was crazy. They were so surprised we know every single word in every song and cheer so loudly that Bellamy asked someone to turn the light on before the last song, cause he wanted to look at us
  5. Thank you, Deborah J. I've listened to both versions and it's really hard to say which one is better. I'm not an expert but I would choose 73 one. But this doesn't mean 2nd is worse. It's just different. I really envy you attended these shows, Deborah
  6. Thanks for the add!

  7. Hi, Aquamarine! Thank you for a compliment about my English!

  8. Thank you, nice to meet you. Yeah, you're right, this is the Neva River. Unfortunately, spring isn't here yet. It was snowing again today. Such a ridiculous weather, I'd say. At first everything is melting, than two days passes and it's snowing again...
  9. Exactly! He should be voted to become the 8th natural wonder! I will vote with all my hands and legs! Sorry if it had already been posted. But I don't think anybody would be against to see it again:rolleyes:
  10. Hello, I'm a newbie here and I'd like to greet everyone and show my face:D Here I am in St.Petersburg during my last summer visit.
  11. That's bad... I was so eager to see Jimmy on the stage again... We're all hoping he'll return. But I don't think he's still waiting for Robert, who's definitely is not in the mood for reunion. And John Paul is busy with Them Crooked Vultures. No signs they will rejoin. May be he doesn't really know with whom to write the new album, but it sounds ridiculous...
  12. My first Zeppelin song to fell in love with was Dazed and Confused. At that time I knew nothing about the band, but I had been already interested in classic rock. So it gave me a sudden impulse to look for LZ recordings beginning from the 1st album and just give it a try. And it was worth it! I was quite astonished by these deep sounds, deep feelings and nerve coming through this song, that it made me dig deeper in attempt to explore this music heaven. PS. It's my 1st post here so I'd like to say Hi to everyone! I'm from Russia and I'm so glad to meet all Zeppelin's fans and besides practi
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