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  1. Anyway Bigdan, are you saying YOU chose when to come to life????!:
  2. If I had to express mysef as a teacher here, 90% of the readers here wouldn't understand anyway...so I stick to language used in forums which is not really that formal you know:)!!!!!
  3. No worries, I can accept your feelings......I'm only debating:)!!!
  4. Of course other people plan your birth....parents, remember???!:
  5. Living day by day is the secret for HAPPY living today :)!!!!..........an old proverb says:"it is ALL WRITTEN anyway":)
  6. "lunatics are then ones who DO NOT want the truth....the REAL truth....to come out! http://www.911indepe.../questions.html Below are excerpts from the lists of questions the Family Steering Committee has submitted to the 9/11 Commission. <P align=center>Please click on the blue link to read the full document. President George W. Bush updated May 13, 2004 As Commander-in-Chief on the morning of 9/11, why didn't you return immediately to Washington, D.C. or the National Military Command Center once you became aware that America was under attack? At specifically what time did
  8. Listen MATE!!!:......who are you trying to fool??! Not me I hope, because you're really off track MATE:)!!! Nope, I do not pretend to be what I'm NOT...MATE!!:). One thing is for sure....mATE!!!....I'm NO yesman when it comes to debating and getting the facts STRAIGHT:)!!!!.....MATE!!. I never embarrass anyone when I speak, let alone my American pals :)....I just say the things that are meant to be said....the way they are MEANT to be said.......govt info and distorted "facts" MY ASS.........MATE!!!
  9. The only OUTLANDISH and HIGHLY BIASED post I see is YOURS.......outlandish MY ASS:):)!!!!
  10. <IMG class=bbc_emoticon alt= src="http://forums.ledzep.../hysterical.gif"> <IMG class=bbc_emoticon alt= src=""> <IMG class=bbc_emoticon alt= src=""> <IMG class=bbc_emoticon alt= src=""> <BR><BR>By blackglove at 2011-07-05
  11. Have you read the book by Charles Berlitz Bigdan????!. Be careful though, if you say that here, you might be labelled as a CONSPIRACY TALKER or LUNATIC!!!!:)
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