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  1. If I had to express mysef as a teacher here, 90% of the readers here wouldn't understand anyway...so I stick to language used in forums which is not really that formal you know:)!!!!!
  2. No worries, I can accept your feelings......I'm only debating:)!!!
  4. Listen MATE!!!:......who are you trying to fool??! Not me I hope, because you're really off track MATE:)!!! Nope, I do not pretend to be what I'm NOT...MATE!!:). One thing is for sure....mATE!!!....I'm NO yesman when it comes to debating and getting the facts STRAIGHT:)!!!!.....MATE!!. I never embarrass anyone when I speak, let alone my American pals :)....I just say the things that are meant to be said....the way they are MEANT to be said.......govt info and distorted "facts" MY ASS.........MATE!!!
  5. The only OUTLANDISH and HIGHLY BIASED post I see is YOURS.......outlandish MY ASS:):)!!!!
  6. <IMG class=bbc_emoticon alt= src="http://forums.ledzep.../hysterical.gif"> <IMG class=bbc_emoticon alt= src=""> <IMG class=bbc_emoticon alt= src=""> <IMG class=bbc_emoticon alt= src=""> <BR><BR>By blackglove at 2011-07-05
  7. Have you read the book by Charles Berlitz Bigdan????!. Be careful though, if you say that here, you might be labelled as a CONSPIRACY TALKER or LUNATIC!!!!:)
  9. YOU don't only have to review all your homework, but YOU have to go back to school :)!!! FASCISM = RIGHT-WING AND VICE VERSA....OH IT HURTS TO ADMIT THAT IN YOUR COZY LITTLE RIGHT WING WORLD DOESN'T IT??!!!:)
  10. SUZI ROSE By blackglove at 2010-12-22
  11. IRWIN ALLEN'S BIO....a HUGE movie director and producer :)!!! By blackglove at 2011-07-05
  12. To be able to debate without BIAS one way or the other on this matter is to try to see what came first, "the egg or the chicken" and that, we all know, is quite IMPOSSIBLE:):).
  13. Utter jabberwocky made up by people who would like us to believe that history went differently than it did :)!!!!!
  14. In any case, I can't understand why this UNCANNY defense of RIGHT-WING dogma here...as if right-wing was necessarily good and left wing was automatically bad.....NOW THAT IS VERY SICK INDEED :)
  15. ....and I have repeatedly tried to explain that YOU and others that think that way are COMPLETELY OFF TRACK:). Go tell a Jew or an Italian or a Dutch person that Fascism/Nazism were left-wing and get the answer FIRST HAnd:):)!!! YOU have a VERY distorted and HIGHLY BIASED view of the political spectrum. Next thing we know, Marx was right-wing or something!!!:)
  16. But let's take Germany for example: It would be easy to point to what occurred in the 30s & 40s and continue to lay a lot of blame on the German people for that history. But let's be fair here. We both probably know some German people who probably deplore that history as much as everyone else does. I wouldn't think we would need to convince a German contemporary (apart from some neo-nazi type which we have in our countries too) that the Third Reich was WRONG. So true:). UNfortunately, the RIGHT-WING Fascist ideals wiped out by the Allies in WWII are starting to show their UGLY andf REVOLTING heads again...and they're coming at as in "all shapes and sizes"...sometimes even camouflaged under fake "democracY" (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Lybia, etc.). Fabiana, my Italian GF told me some of her relatives fought against these "false" and REVOLTING RIGHT-WING ideals under the partisan (partigiani) guerriglia-revolutionary squads and they were later aided by the Americans to definitely stop the RIGHT-WING dominion in Italy :)!!!! THANX AMERICA :)
  17. My duty Brad......say man. how are you celebrating your national holiday ????!:)
  18. You mean you know what ESL teaching means???!:) Not only teaching English all over the world, but professionally translating and interpreting around the globe as well:). Oh, I'm a Cambridge OE examiner 2 FYI :)!!!!
  19. I really like reading Brad's posts up here.......thanx man :)
  20. yOU SIR, do not make any sense at all to me:)
  21. Go use that WTF lingo with your family members, not with me here...OK???!:):).....YES, I happen to be an ESL teacher working in the EU (know what that stands for????:)).....so what? Am I asking you your job? My students love the way I get the English language through to them....non of your business anyway:)!!!! I JOIN IN THE FUN 2........HAPPY 4TH OF JULY AMERICA:):)!!!! YOU SURE KICKED OUT TYRANNY ON THAT DATE:)
  22. If the world has to ever thank the U.S.A. , it's for one important thing....THE WIPING OUT OF THE RIGHT-WING regimes in WWII:):)......thanx America, you did the best thing you could have ever done....WIPE OUT THE RIGHT-WING govts of this world......some are showing their UGLY heads again, but next time the FIRE:):)!!!!!
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