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    I play guitar in a Led Zeppelin Tribute.
    (No dressing up though).
    Love to sit-in with bands whenever I get the chance.
    Happily married with a beautiful daughter and gorgeous son.
  1. FREE SHOW! BB King's Friday, May 24 11:30PM http://rvrb.fm/Z7RVvY

  2. Anyone else hear 2 very loud explosions at 2 am? My whole family woke up and then I called the security guard in my building. He heard it too. 10 min later 5 fire engines showed up but then they left. I noticed that Chicago also reported 2 "loud booms" exactly 1 hour earlier (2am THEIR time). 789 miles between NY and CHI, so if it was the same source, it must have been supersonic. My guess is that the sounds were sonic booms. Either a secret military thing or a meteor.

  3. BB King's FREE SHOW! Tonight! http://rvrb.fm/TlCH14

  4. OK...once again, not political...just confused. Please read the following VERY SLOWLY and try to comprehend: "Romney was extremely detail oriented in his business life. He once canceled a corporate retreat at which Abba had been hired to play, saying he found the band’s music “too angry.” - NYTimes Uhm...what?

  5. I have always and will continue to refrain from posting political views on Face Book. The following is NOT a political statement, it is just a statement of personal taste: "The only thing worse that hearing a Romney stump speech is hearing the god-awful music he plays when its over!!!

  6. Sorry for blowin up your newsfeed...I'm done for now... :)

  7. Led Blimpie Live @ Mercury Lounge tonight! Doors open 8:30 - 217 E Houston St, New York, NY, 10002

  8. Led Blimpie has a show on 07/04/2012 at 08:30 PM @ Mercury Lounge in New York, NY http://lnk.ms/cQPjK #concert

  9. Posted a new photo: ""We come from the land of the ice and snow!"" http://lnk.ms/cFxqv

  10. Led Blimpie has a show on 05/24/2012 at 10:00 PM @ The National Un... in New York, NY http://lnk.ms/bxSNx #concert

  11. Nice! I'm looking to do something similar, but I'm not gonna get the dragons. I'd like to design my own images. Where did you get yours done?
  12. Led Blimpie this Thursday! http://lnk.ms/bSSm7

  13. Posted a new photo: "Jon Conver sings Robert Plant Led Zeppelin tribute NYC" http://lnk.ms/bVcGy

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