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  1. I´m glad to hear that. Thanks for the comment on my profile. Ít´s true that Christmas is always crazy, everything went fine here, i think i gained a couple of pounds with a cake we had but it was irresistible...i had a piece everytime i could...i´ll have to do some exercise....: ) How are you?

  2. Hi Emma! I´ve seen you around but i never had the chance to talk to you, i´ve been kind of absent....hope you´re doing great!!!!

  3. Hi Michael, haven´t heard from you, hope you´re doing great!!!! I see you´ve been busy in the "Other Bands" thread... : )

  4. Hi Louh!!! How are you? I´m back from the holidays...hope you´re doing great!!! (By the way thanks for the luck for my plans!!!) : )

  5. Hi Rachel!!! I hope you´re doing great and that the holidays were awesome....as i said to Preetha i was kinda busy but i wanted to know how you guys have been....i also wanted a change...this new year has to be brighter...í´ll make sure that happens!!! : )

  6. Back from the holidays!!! i haven´t got much time to check the forum but i wanted to know how you´ve been, also i wanted to make some changes again....new year, new attitude!!!!

  7. You´re cute indeed!!! : )

  8. Awesome!!! Well, i think that what i like to do the most is cooking...hopefully, i´ll have my own restaurant someday.... : ) That´s what i desire the most now....

  9. Well i love your artistic name and that means that the girl in the picture is you!!! Pretty!!! And with lots of attitute!!! And now you got me curious...what do you love to sing more? : )

  10. Merry Chistmas and an Awesome New Year for everybody!!!

  11. Thanks for adding me too!!! Thanks for the comment on the Avatar. Welcome and...Amigos, paz y Rock n´Roll!!! ; )

    Nice Username...what does it mean?

  12. Kiwi, well Preetha (very elegant) i wish all the best on your birthday, i send a big hug, hope you´re having an awesome day and that the future brings great things for you young girl!!! So glad i met you here, a kind and playful heart... : )

  13. Hi Kiwi, how are you? As i said to Magic i´ve been unwell but i´m back : (

  14. Hi magic, i haven´t been writing ´cause i was a little bit sick, i hope you´re fine... : )

  15. Happy to see your message!!! I´m glad you and Kiwi are back, as i said almost all my friends were away...i saw your new avatar, beatiful as always : D

  16. Hey! Glad to know you´re really back! : D Awesome...

  17. I´ll wait for it : ) ...and thanks for the compliment!!!

  18. Glad to hear that and to know you´re ok, i have to go now but i´m happy ´cause i´ll find you here, take care!!! : )

  19. Hi!!! Greetings from El Salvador!!! : )

  20. Haven´t heard from you, hope you´re doing fine, take care!!! : )

  21. Hi there! Hope you´re doing fine!!! : )

  22. I miss you too as i said to Magic, i´ve been a little bit lonely ´round here. Anyway, hope you´re fine : )

  23. I miss you : (...i haven´t seen almost all my friends around here...hope you´re ok...



  24. ...I´m fortunate to be able to stay awake with no worries for the next day. Mailman? Interesting...i´m looking forward to chat with you more. I send you a hug from distant Central America...

    Michelle Hernandez : ) (Same Name?)

  25. I would have loved to participate in your evening gathering, Lateralus is a very special album for me, it´s like a spiritual trip...it´s very nice to meet you too...and it´s curious because i´ll have breakfast too right at this moment (and i have to say here it´s time for lunch), i´m not a "day person" even when i love sunlight. I must say also i´m for...

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