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  1. The whole point of the thread was to give people the chance to name one song, that, when they hear it just screams 19--'s. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer. Of course there shold be differing opinions, and that is what I wanted to hear from you guys, other fellow Zeppelin fans. Thriller, Roundabout and Freebird are all good responses. Along with the one person who actually listed their four choices. If I played 1979 vs Everlong vs Smells Like Teen Spirit, I think that most people would agree that Nirvana would be chosen as the definitive rock song of the 90's. I al
  2. No one else has an opinion on this subject?
  3. I spend a lot of time in my car, which gives me time to think up weird things with my brain. I started to think how Buffalo Springfields 'For What It's Worth' is the definitive 60's rock song (in my mind). The sound, the message, everything about that song just makes me think of the 60's. What other songs would be considered definitive songs of each decade? I would like to hear others opinions on any/all of the decades.... Please feel free to disagree with my choice above, or any of the others that I list below. 1960's -- Buffalo Springfield (For What It's Worth) 1970's -- L
  4. Isn't it awesome! I got into the Live stuff over the summer a few years ago. I think it's about time to get back to the search for more amazing shows! The people in this forum are great. On a side note, it's great to have another CT Zeppelin nut in the house.
  5. There are a few cool movie scenes with Zeppelin: Fast Times at Ridgemont High: In the car (Kashmir) Almost Famous: A few great scenes. Fun fact. Did you guys know that the scene where they all sing 'Tiny Dancer' in the bus, was supposed to be Stairway to Heaven. Unfortunately they couldn't get the rights. Waynes World: In the music shop (First 3 chords of Stairway) The Fighter: Micky turning the corner (Good Times, Bad Times) Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Opening credits (Immigrant Song) School of Rock: Racing to the battle of the bands (Immigrant Song) What else
  6. I think that there are a few ways to approach the question. For fans of great Rhythm Sections: Rush and The Who can be paired with Zeppelin For fans of Blues and fantastic guitar riffs: Cream and Hendrix For fans of Heavier Rock: Sabbath and Deep Purple For fans of diversity and sound: Pink Floyd and Aerosmith (had to put these guys somewhere) For pure devotion and sheer number of fans: The Beatles, The Dead, The Stones
  7. Celebration day for all! Especially hose of us who couldn't make it to London in 07. Just got this in the mail, currently watching. Great video quality. Post your thoughts as well!!
  8. I'll start with drummers since that is the topic line. IMO Bonzo is the best. Others would argue Peart or Moon. Other names that I would throw into the fire are these in no order: Ginger Baker -- Cream Mitch Mitchell -- Hendrix Experience Michael Shrieve -- Santana (Check out his solo from Woodstock 69') Ian Paice -- Deep Purple Carl Palmer -- Emerson, Lake and Palmer As far as the bassist question that has come up: John Paul Jones is a hair ahead of Entwhistle and Geddy Lee IMO However Chris Squire from Yes is also quite amazing. Check out the bass line in 'roundabout'
  9. http://classicalbumslive.com/ It looks like the band you saw is part? of this band. But we saw that guys on the top right of the home page.
  10. It might have been the same group as the one in FL. Those nights sounded amazing. Zep II was done flawlessly and the other songs were fantastic as well. Kashmir, Thank You, Friends, Black Dog, Rock and Roll, The Wanton Song....Not to mention the drummers rendition of Moby Dick was incredible. As far as the post above me it was the same guitarist, but the rest of the band was different. The guy had some serious skill.
  11. I'm heaing to a concert with this "cover/tribute" band tonight @ Mohegan Sun that calls themselves Classic Albums Live. They're playing Zeppelin II in full, and then playing a variety of hits. I was just wondering if anyone on here has heard them before or has any other good cover or tribute bands that might be playing in the New England area. Thanks Guys!
  12. ^ I think that it would fit perfectly between III and Phusical Graffiti.
  13. Both great albums. Dazed and Confused got me thinking......
  14. Complie your ultimate Zep album. 8 tracks. List tracks 1 - 8 in whatever order that you think would be your favorite album EVER. You don't neeed to pick one of the traditional intro songs, or closing songs. Just put it in any order that you think would rock. Pick as many songs from as many albums as you want. 1. Good Times Bad Times 2. Rock and Roll 3. Kashmir 4. Whole Lotta Love 5. The Rover 6. The Ocean 7. Achilles Last Stand 8. Stairway to Heaven
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