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    learning to play the electric guitar, listening mainly to 60s and 70s music, doing anything with friends and enjoying the spring :D
  1. the picture is really cool! I hope you enjoyed the Easter Islands ...now a normal picture, without snow and with my baby
  2. the Jimmy-drawing is so lovely! I wish I could draw like this
  3. the first thing that made me happy today: I spent a nice time with a really nice person and the second thing: I found the meaning of the song Time by Pink Floyd...well, maybe it's not the "real" meaning, but I think every song might have some special meaning to anyone.
  4. Pink Floyd - Time and the next on my playlist is Let it Be by the Beatles
  5. -> I am falling into the snow the pictures are taken from a video made by my friend. I was trying to slide on the ice/snow...but I failed ^^
  6. unfortunately I've got no photo of him ^^, but there's a pupil at our school who looks like Jimmy Page as a child
  7. doing some crazy stuff in the snow
  8. blue ridge umm morning or evening?
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