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    learning to play the electric guitar, listening mainly to 60s and 70s music, doing anything with friends and enjoying the spring :D
  1. You're not the only one who is ready for the spring. Well, luckily we don't have tornados in Germany. But there was such a lovely weather till last week - sunny, almost no clouds everyday, around 16°C - but on the weekend it got cold again and there was snow not that I don't like snow, but we had such a snowy winter and everybody was happy to see the spring coming up till last week. Anyway, nice to hear that nobody was hurted in Oklahoma and I hope the spring is with you soon - without tornados and storms!
  2. whoops

    Hello there

    Welcome, hoops! - we've got almost the same nickname Since when are you playing drums, bass and e-guitar? Well, if you sing well, you could try to start a one-man band
  3. the picture is really cool! I hope you enjoyed the Easter Islands ...now a normal picture, without snow and with my baby
  4. the Jimmy-drawing is so lovely! I wish I could draw like this
  5. the first thing that made me happy today: I spent a nice time with a really nice person and the second thing: I found the meaning of the song Time by Pink Floyd...well, maybe it's not the "real" meaning, but I think every song might have some special meaning to anyone.
  6. at the moment I've got those on my pc: 13th Floor Elevators ACDC Aerosmith Alice Cooper BB King The Beatles Bill Haley Billy Idol Boston The Byrds Deep Purple The Doors Elvis Presley Frijid Pink Grateful Dead Guns'n'Roses HP Lovecraft Hawkwind Hound Dog Taylor & the Houserockers Howlin Wolf Iron Butterfly Jefferson Airplane Jethro Tull Jimi Hendrix The Kinks Kiss Led Zeppelin Lynyrd Skynyrd Muddy Waters Nirvana Pink Floyd Queen Queens of the Stone Age Quicksilver Messenger Service Ram Jam The Ramones Steppenwolf Vanilla Fudge Velvet Underground Th
  7. Pink Floyd - Time and the next on my playlist is Let it Be by the Beatles
  8. Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (part 6-9, especially at the end there's such a "hopelessness") ...and something newer: in my opinion "Long Slow Goodbye" by the Queens of the Stone Age is quite a sad song, too
  9. ok, here's my list: - visiting San Francisco, the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley - building up a rat rod with friends - enjoying a live concert of Led Zeppelin (or of another great band) - playing perfectly electric guitar (I'm trying to do this already ) - having a hard rock band - destroying our instruments after a concert...if we have enough money for this ^^ - travelling back to the 60s and 70s - not becoming an old, narrow-minded "Spießer", as we say in Germany (sorry, but the word Spießer doesn't exist in the English language...) - telling some persons how much I hate thei
  10. -> I am falling into the snow the pictures are taken from a video made by my friend. I was trying to slide on the ice/snow...but I failed ^^
  11. I'm playing electric guitar since last weekend...
  12. unfortunately I've got no photo of him ^^, but there's a pupil at our school who looks like Jimmy Page as a child
  13. doing some crazy stuff in the snow
  14. blue ridge umm morning or evening?
  15. whoops

    hey there!

    hi! I'm the new newbie here in the forum my name is Lucas, I'm 16 years old (last Friday I had birthday ^^) and live in a small village in southern Germany. Umm, I listen to Led Zeppelin since...dunno, I listen to them for many ages now ^^ but in my school class I'm the only Led Zeppelin fan, I'm afraid, besides one classmate. And this classmate gave me a USB-stick with three albums today - I am soo happy! well, my taste of music is mainly hard rock, psychedelic rock, bluesrock, art rock and prog rock - but actually I like almost every rocksong of the 60s and 70s. My favourite bands are
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