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    life~music~peace~love~shinning it all around~
  1. Hello sunshine :)

  2. I licked the cd~and my point? it tasted bad ...no surprise there C what happens when boredom & stupidity sets in?
  3. My sentiments exaxctly~ All in jest~really~ apart from the fact that I am more about the fact that I know who did deserve 2 go..ME 4 1~ Tho I was not at the 02 physically speaking~I had out some of body experiences, that day and all of the night~I was there in every other way possible~not quite the same but I am still over the top that it happened and happy as hell some of us were there 2 represent~
  4. Opps~typo~it is with the past~just got excited~it rocks! Saw on amazon there are many other dvd's...hmmm V day is coming...might have 2 induldge myself~
  5. As I said b4 (above) get the dvd! It wil rock U right back 2 where it all began & beyond~next best to c'n them live~
  6. Wow~that u tube clip is new 2 me ~rather good~I'd like 2 C AK and LM duel it out~ on fiddle~ of course Saw JT live, here in the US, a few months back and they were OUTSTANDING Might I suggest if U R into Tull & U have not seen ~Living in the Past /DVD ~U definitely should~
  7. No Oregon dates? geez~I really hope 2 c them again~TP & the HB'z put on one hellova show~with Steve W????? Well.....maybe SF~will have 2 do
  8. But herre's what they did with the scraps~it's the bloody ~MOTHERSHIP~ http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D8...;show_article=1
  9. Robert did a nice job covering Moby Grape/Jerry Miller songs~Naked if I want To and 8:05~
  10. I was with my son Bobby, celebrating his 13th birthday~
  11. I was hoping they might come out with some info about the forthcoming of an official DVD of the event ~by now....tired of waiting
  12. Agreed~ I still need my C'm LIVE fix Did not get to go and need to C them do it AGAIN
  13. U guarantee??? I'll take that in writ please? I want that 2 B 4 sure
  14. I am sooooo jazzed~got a message via JM's assistant ~he's still alive & kick'n~
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